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ClearPoint Strategy

A developer of business management software.

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In early 2008, the founders of ClearPoint Strategy got together to imagine a world where strategy execution and performance management went hand in hand. Where metrics were always aligned to strategy. Where decisions were fact-based. Where meetings were productive. Where organizations were aligned.

So they started thinking about what the true drivers of strategy execution and performance management might be. To get there, they started thinking about what the barriers to strategy execution were.

  • Wasting precious management time in unproductive meetings.
  • Not making fact-based decisions.
  • Not rationally investing time and capital.

So what to do about this? Meeting with agendas and action items. Dashboards and scorecards that kept management up to date. Project management that actually looked at ROI.

There are tools out there to help you plan meetings, and tools to help you analyze data, and even great tools to help you manage projects. But how do you bring them all together so you can make decisions?

The founders of ClearPoint have been in this performance management space a long time. Long enough to be present at the birth of the Balanced Scorecard, the emergence of the first “executive information systems,” the explosion of data warehousing and dashboards, and the migration of analytics to the cloud.

There are many, many great solutions out there that can slice and dice your data 1,000 different ways and create 1,000 different animated visualizations. But what decisions do those fancy graphics drive? What does Mike on the shop floor have to say about it?

The reason we have this problem is most dashboard solutions are built by accountants and engineers. People who really like numbers and for whom playing with numbers is fun. But Clearpoint tries to solve a different problem. Not the problem of how many widgets did we sell in Kazakhstan, but instead, “should we be doing business in Kazakhstan?”

What if there was a way to create for organizations to capture the quantitative and qualitative information they need to make decisions, optimize the experience to drive decision-making, and ensure that projects were well managed?

Enter ClearPoint Strategy

ClearPoint’s application is designed by managers and executives for managers and executives. A tool to facilitate decision making and execution. A tool to help you make better decisions, faster.

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