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Clear Biz

A developer of software designed for small-businesses in the professional services industry.

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Who Are We?

We are a software company that specializes in designing practice management solutions specifically for Accounting Professionals.

What Do We Do?

We work directly with firms to identify the challenges they face in running their busy practices on a day-to-day basis and we design solutions to solve those challenges. Our goals to provide a comprehensive solution which centralizes and automates many of the business processes required by Accounting Professionals

How Do We Benefit?

The key to growing an organized practice where you can provide valuable services and support for all your clients is to have a system that manages all your clients’ information, and more importantly, manages all your clients’ deadlines and tracks who has brought in their paperwork.

By providing a solution where your clients’ information, tasks, documentation, questions, communications, billing, invoicing and appointments are centralized in one place, means your business has the intelligence and organization to provide valuable services to all your clients and have room to grow.

Our Service

We want to provide the level of service to our customers which goes above and beyond what they would typically expect from other software companies. We want our customers to be very happy in using Clear Biz, so that they can tell other Accounting Professionals about our level of service.

Product Lines

  • Clear Biz

    A practice management solution for accountants.

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