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Classic offers three different payrolls. For many companies the Winledge payroll standard edition is the perfect fit. Designed for companies with less than 50 employees the Standard editon is easy to use, fast and can handle all standard payroll requirements.

Here are a few of the key features

  • Handles Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly pay periods
  • Tracks Employer EI Amounts with a User Defined Rate
  • Extra Tax can be taken off employee if desired
  • Six User defined Deductions per employee available with 5 different ways to calculate each.
  • Six User-defined Benefit Codes per employee.
  • Can set-up payroll mid-year and enter historical information.
  • Six digit User-Defined Employee Number/Code
  • Employee Name and Address, Telephone
  • You can store the employee’s photograph with their information record.
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • S.I.N Number with validation.
  • Handles both Salaried and Hourly Employees in same pay run.
  • Supports non-period Bonus Calculations.
  • Options to Eprint documents to send to employees.
  • Can handle different pay frequencies in same payroll.
  • Can exempt employees from E.I. / C.P.P. / Federal Tax / Provincial Tax / QPIP
  • Tracks QPIP with reporting.
  • Allows entry of commission amounts and stat hours and dollars.
  • EI rate can be set by employee, which allows you to track multiple EI rates within the same company.
  • Can handle all 10 Provinces, 3 Territories plus Outside Canada
  • 3 ways to handle vacation pay.
  • Can retain time sheets from a previous pay run to save time in processing current run.
  • Manual cheque’s can be entered and added into existing records.
  • History file keeps data on line for an entire year. Can view a time sheet or a pay run from any pay in the year.
  • Option to reprint payroll cheque(s) (security controlled)
  • Easy to setup payroll mid-year. YTD entry screens available, along with import tools that can save time.
  • Revenue Canada Summary
  • On-line help, backup and restore functions built-in to safeguard your valuable data.
  • Password control system. You can restrict access to individual functions within the payroll.
  • Option provided to post payroll directly to the WinLedge General Ledger. Can update GL by company, by department or by employee.


  • Time Sheet Edit Report
  • Time Sheet History Report
  • Current Pay Register
  • Year to Date Register
  • Payroll Cheque’s / Payroll Stubs (option to print without cheque’s) Cheques can be customized to your exact requirements.
  • Cheque Register
  • Departmental Analysis
  • Employee Data Sheet which make gather essential employee data easy.
  • Employee Listings, basic, detailed, by department
  • Department Listing
  • Tag File Listing (free form notes regarding employee)
  • Mailing Labels
  • Rolodex Cards
  • Revenue Canada Remittance Report
  • WSIB Remittance Report
  • Record of Employment
  • E. I. History Report
  • Employee History Report
  • Employee Pay Rate History Report
  • Year end T4’s, you can even do a plain paper version that has been pre-approved by the CRA
  • Year end Releve

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