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Although the WinLedge Accounts Receivable module comes with a complete invoicing system, you might have a need for a more detailed order tracking system. The WinLedge order entry might just be the module that fits the bill. This system is designed to be used in an environment where there is a delay in the time an order is placed and the point it is billed to the customer. The system will let you keep an eye on things during this cycle. For example, at any time you can view outstanding orders by customer, or product. Or track back orders or examine order performance. Here are a few of the key elements:

  • Requires and integrates fully with Inventory and Accounts Receivable.
  • Unlimited number of ship to addresses per customer.
  • Can key in one-time ship to address at time of order.
  • Option to view customer notes during order entry.
  • Can see customer’s aging and account details before order is processed.
  • Can set option to automatically place orders on hold if customer exceeds credit limit.
  • Option to put customer on hold or individual order.
  • Hold status will keep order from being processed but will allow entry.
  • Terms and ship via picked up automatically from customer with option to override.
  • Can search for orders using a powerful SQL search utility.
  • Salesperson entry with commission tracking by salesperson, product or customer.
  • FOB, Order Date, Required Date, Ship Date, Invoice Date
  • Unlimited number of comments per order.
  • Can record inventory items, non-inventory items, miscellaneous charges.
  • Automatically fills in most fields based on setting in customer and product files. Tax codes, GL accounts, price levels all pre-filled.
  • Can draw products from multiple warehouses to fill order.
  • Can record partial shipments with option to transfer to back order file.
  • Printed orders can be customized using Crystal Reports.
  • Print Invoices, which can also be customized.
  • Order browse window can be user-modified. Can change columns and sort order and can perform ad-hoc queries using SQL.
  • Full back order module allows complete tracking and maintenance of back orders.
  • Back Orders can easily be transferred to active on a line by line or complete basis.
  • Can easily edit or delete items from a back order.


  • All reports can be printed, displayed, exported or emailed.
  • All reports can be customized using Crystal Reports.
  • Outstanding Orders by Product
  • Outstanding Orders by Customer
  • Outstanding Order by Salesperson by Customer
  • Outstanding Orders by Salesperson by Product
  • Outstanding Backorders by Product
  • Outstanding Backorders by Customer
  • Outstanding Backorders by Salesperson by Customer
  • Outstanding Backorders by Salesperson by Product
  • Order Performance Report
  • and many more…

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