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With the WinLedge Inventory module, you will have no problem keeping a tight control on your products and services. The module can run stand-alone, but the real power comes when integrated into the Receivables or Order Entry modules. Need multiple warehouses, serialization, unlimted price levels, landed cost calculations, then read on, or better yet download a demo and have a look.

Below you will find some of the features of our Inventory module:

  • Full Integration with WinLedge Accounts Receivable module.
  • Full integration with WinLedge Order Entry Module. Password control system can restrict access to a individual functions.
  • Inventory supports unlimited number of warehouses.
  • Unlimited price levels. Price level matrix can be tied to customer file.
  • Suppliers and Customers can be stored in the inventory module if the system is used stand-alone. Customers and Vendors can be drawn from the A/R or A/P modules if system is integrated.
  • Standard terms and ship via codes can be defined for use on purchase orders.
  • Flexible tax system allows exemptions to be set for any tax code. Also allows exemption of PST protion of HST.
  • 20 character alpha/numeric product numbers.
  • 3 description fields. One standard, one alternate (eg. French) and one long description for catalogue.)
  • Default warehouse code for each product.
  • UPC Codes, with ability to scan using bar code.
  • Commission rate, weight per unit, bin location.
  • Sort Field
  • Unlimited units of measure with conversion factors.
  • Substitute part numbers.
  • Decimal Inventory: up to 4 in price and 4 in qty.
  • Product pictures/photos
  • Unlimited selling prices per product.
  • Full purchase and sales history, to answer questions like: What did we pay last time?, or what was the selling price to Smith & Sons in January?
  • Purchase and Sales History Files.
  • Unit and Dollar Sales for an unlimited number of years.
  • On hand, On Order, On Back Order, On order from Vendor, Physical Count by warehouse or for all.
  • Landed Cost Module (Freight, Duty, Exchange, Other by percent or dollar.)
  • Min QTY, Max QTY, EOQ.
  • Serial/LOT/Batch/Heat number control.
  • Tag file allows unlimited additional information per product to be stored.
  • Fully customizable browse window with ability to change columns and sort order makes finding a product easy.
  • Full batch control on receipts.
  • Can record PO#s, dates vendors, comments and all goods received.
  • If serial number is active then SN#s can be recorded during receipt.
  • Full editing of transactions prior to posting.
  • Vendors drawn from Inventory or A/P module.
  • All reports can be printed, displayed or sent to a disk file. Disk option has more than 15 different file types including Word, Excel and HTML.
  • All reports created with award winning Crystal Reports.
  • Most reports have three or more print sequences and almost all have from/to product number/group and or warehouse.
  • Option to allow or disallow negative on hand quantities.
  • Can record physical count then print/display discrepancies, can then transfer to active.
  • Mass price change module. Allows you to create new price levels or adjust existing price levels across multiple products based or markup, markdown or margin.
  • Backup and Restore functions using PKZIP (tm.) technology.

System includes complete Purchase Order Module.

  • Automatic PO number with optional override.
  • Vendor Number and Address with override.
  • Option to “drop ship” to a customer address.
  • Terms, Ship Via, Buyer, Confirming to, FOB, Remarks, Collect/Prepaid
  • Order Date, Required Date, Promise Date, Fill Date
  • Can receive items directly from PO screen.
  • PO’s can be held and released later.
  • PO’s can be printed on demand or batched and printed later.
  • Printed PO can be modified using Crystal Reports.
  • Unlimited comments on a PO.

Reports Include

  • Valuation Report
  • Stock requirements Report
  • Transaction Listing
  • Inventory Trial Balance
  • Batch Edit Report
  • Unlimited number of price lists can be printed in “published” quality.
  • Inventory Count Worksheet
  • Physical Inventory Variance Report
  • Slow moving Stock Report
  • Product Status
  • Labels
  • Variety of Listings including:
  • Products
  • Warehouses, Groups
  • Units of Measure
  • Substitutions
  • Price Levels
  • Product Tag Entries
  • Batches
  • Supplier Listing
  • Customers Listing
  • Inventory Catalog with option to print pictures/photos
  • Purchase Order Listing
  • Outstanding Purchase Orders
  • Vendor performance report
  • Anticipated deliveries.
  • Serial/Lot number inquiry screen.

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"Inventory with Purchase Orders" is part of the WinLedge Accounting Series line of products, developed by Classic Software.

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