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At one time an Accounts Receivable module simply would show you who was late on paying their bill, while this was and is still important, a good A/R must now provide a lot more. With the WinLedge A/R you have a complete system for customer and Receivables management. Designed for high volume and multiple users, the Winledge A/R is a powerful management tool.

Please read over the following screen and look at some of the key point of this exciting module:

  • System can run stand-alone or be fully integrated.
  • No limit to the number of companies you can setup
  • Handles an unlimted number of currencies with user defined exchange factors.
  • Detailed help system makes learning the system easy.
  • Password control system allows you to control each and evry function that a user can access.
  • System will automatically calculate due dates based on user defined terms codes.
  • Customers can be allocated to Regions, Salespeople and categories to provide detailed reporting.
  • Salesperson file allows you to define a name and commission type for your salesforce. You can pay commission by customer, by product or by a fixed rate. During invoicing you can specify the commission on a line-by-line basis.
  • A/R module includes a basic pricing module, or it can be fully integrated with the Inventory module.
  • Allocations can be made to a GL file even if the system is not integrated to the G/L module. Later a GL summary report can be produced to show the activity through each account.
  • System supports multiple AR control accounts, which allows for Multiple Receivables (eg. Can/US).
  • Transactions include invoices, manual invoices, payments, cash sales, credit notes and adjustments.
  • Full open fiscal year allows you to enter transactions to any period.
  • Option to override base amount for discount. E.g. Only allow discount on part of invoice.
  • Automatic calculation of service charges at user-defined rate, option for automatic reversal.

Customer Data…

  • 12 digit alpha-numeric customer number, with large address lines.
  • 3 phone numbers on main account.
  • Contact management system allows you to setup an unlimted number of contacts for each customer.
  • Each contact can have their own email, phone numbers etc.
  • E-mail address with one click access to send the customer an e-mail
  • Bill to customer can be assigned. Allows you to maintain hundreds of ship-to addresses for one bill-to.
  • Terms code, Region, GL Set, Salesperson, Price Level
  • 3 tax codes with 3 exempt options and 3 exemption numbers. Invoices printed will only show the taxes applicable to that customer.
  • Default warehouse
  • Default shipping method
  • Option to require PO number on all orders.
  • Option to exempt from service charges, option to suppress statement
  • Option to place customer on hold. Allows you to take orders for the customer but not process them.
  • User defined aging periods.
  • Can access customer transaction details for customer file. Can be viewed in Grid or report format or can be printed.
  • Date, amount and cheque number of last payment maintained.
  • Date, amount of last invoice maintained.
  • On screen display of sales history for an unlimited number of months, years.
  • Credit Limit and Average days to pay.
  • Seven user-defined fields allow you to maintain any other information you deem important.
  • Large Comment field.
  • Tag file allows you to record an unlimited amount of free form information. Tags can be assigned codes so that you can report on tag entries of a particular type. Tag file could be used to record collection information such as dates and persons spoken to.
  • POP-UP SQL browse window allows you to search for customers. Contents of browse window is user definable along with sort order. This allows you to look for a customer by phone number, postal code, bill to number, whatever you decide.
  • QUERY option allows you to limit browse window to a user-specified criteria. E.g. Only display customers in PEI or WA.

Includes full Invoicing module

  • Pick up ship to address or simply type in one-time ship to
  • Can search for an invoice by order number, invoice number, bill-to number or custom search.
  • Can view tag file and account details at time of invoicing.
  • System can be set to hold orders if customer is over credit limit.
  • On screen display of terms and credit limit.
  • System can be set to require a PO# to be entered on an order by customer.
  • Ship via, salesperson, FOB retained.
  • Four dates including: Order date, required date, shipped date and date invoiced.
  • Automatic calculation of all taxes.
  • Can place an invoice on hold manually or have it auto-hold based on customer credit limit/balance.
  • Commission by line item
  • Discount by line item or by invoice, by percentage or dollar.
  • Can print single invoice, a range of invoices or the entire batch of unprinted invoices.
  • Allows for multiple copies of an invoice
  • Can print to a dot matrix form, a laser form, a plain paper form or a custom form.
  • Can print comments on the invoice and retain same for re-use.

Product/Pricing module (not required if Inventory is used) includes

  • 20 digit product number
  • 40 character description
  • 255 character long description
  • Three tax codes, cost price, commission rate and Sales GL account
  • Product groups can be defined and assigned to products
  • Infinite number of product price levels. Need 100 different prices for one product. no problem!
  • Tax code file allows you to define the tax codes to use for your province or state. Three levels of tax are available on a customer by customer basis.
  • Tax system allows for tax on tax conditions

Prospect module allows you to track potential customers includes

  • Option to transfer a prospect to the active customer file
  • Tag file to record events, dates and conversations with the prospect
  • Date stamp to let you know when you last modified a prospect
  • Full address, three phone numbers, e-mail, region, salesperson, comments for each one.
  • Reports and Labels for mass mailings

Quotation system included

  • Has features similar to invoicing but includes option to transfer quote to an invoice.
  • Draws from same inventory file and customer file as invoicing.
  • Allows full print and edit options.

Reports Include

  • All reports can be produced on paper, screen, email or exported to many popular formats such as PDF or XLS.
  • All reports can be modified using Crystal Reports.
  • Aged account Receivable - Summarized and Detailed - Can be run for a selected salesperson, region, GL set or range of customers.
  • Customer Account Analysis - quick on screen display of account activity.
  • Sales Journal, Receipts Journal, Cash Sales Journal, Adjustment Journal
  • Batch Edit Reports
  • Customer Statements - Many print options and formats available. Plain paper, dot matrix, laser form, custom format. Multiple copies.
  • Collection Letters
  • Customer comparative report. Compares current year to prior year sales.
  • History report. Maintains file of purged invoices for inquiries.
  • Salesperson Commission report
  • Inactive Customer Listing
  • Top Ten Graph for customers, products, salesperson, regions, and groups.
  • Full sales analysis reporting. By customer, by region, by salesperson, by product, by group and combinations thereof.
  • Customer and Prospect Labels on dot matrix or laser printers.
  • Rolodex Cards
  • GL Transaction Summary
  • Sales Tax Report
  • Company Profile listing

Listings include

  • Customer
  • Customer Details
  • Customer Tag File
  • Terms, Regions, Ship Via, Salesperson
  • Product/Services, Price Lists, Price Levels
  • Prospects
  • Audit file, Chart of Accounts, Type of Accounts, Batches

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