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The WinLedge Accounts Payable module will give you the information you need to stay on top of your payables. Whether its taking advantage of a discount, or avoiding a late charge or making sure a bill does not get paid twice, WinLedge will be there to assist you.

Take a look at some of the keys points, or better yet order a demo copy and see for yourself:

  • WinLedge A/P can run stand-alone or be part of an integrated system.
  • No limit to the number of companies you can setup.
  • Password controll system allows granular access to all functions in the software.
  • Allows audit tracking of activity by user. Also allows posting by user.
  • Automatic calculation of due date and discount dates based on user defined terms.
  • Supports an unlimited number of currencies, with user-defined exchange rates.
  • Twelve character alpla-numeric vendor numbers with large address fields.
  • E-mail address with one click access to your e-mail program. Allows you to quickly send an e-mail to your vendor.
  • Default GL allocation accounts can be defined in each vendor to speed purchase entry.
  • Option to hold a vendor, or any vendor invoice.
  • Five user defined aging periods.
  • Full history tracked for an unimited number of years.
  • Last payment details include: last payment date, amount, cheque number
  • Date and amount of last purchase.
  • Seven user-defined fields to track any other information you find useful.
  • Tag file allows unlimited comments for a vendor. Can be used to record conversations with a vendor. Each tag entry can also be given a code to identify the type of entry. Later these codes can be recalled.
  • Powerful SQL browse window makes finding a vendor in a large database easy. User defined browse window allows you to add columns to the window, change the sort order and execute SQL queries. (eg. Only show vendors in Ohio)

Cheque Processing Options…

  • Complete cheque processing system allows batch run cheque’s, manual cheque’s, selected vendor/invoice cheque’s and lump sum cheque’s.
  • Options to take an expired discount, force invoices to be paid, hold invocies.
  • Option to select bank account to use for the cheque run and GL account Set.
  • Ability to set a maximum payment amount so that partial payments can be made with the cheque run.
  • Can print cheque’s. to laser printer, dot matrix or a custom form.

Reports Available…

  • Aged Accounts Payable. Summarized and detailed version with option to choose from to vendor and GL account set.
  • Vendor Account analysis. Purchase Journal, Disbursements Journal, Adjustments Journal.
  • Batch Edit Reports
  • Vendor Comparative report. Compares this years purchases to last years.
  • Descending purchases by vendor.
  • History account analysis. This will let you look at vendor payment details even after the account has been purged.
  • Listings Include:
    • Vendors, different styles and sequences also by region.
    • Vendor Details
    • Vendor Tag File
    • Regions, Terms, Ship Via
    • Audit File
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Type of Accounts
    • Batch Listing, posted, unposted, all, range
  • Graphs include top ten purchases and vendor buying trend.
  • Labels, both dot matrix and laser. Custom labels can be created with Crystal Reports.
  • Rolodex Cards
  • GL Transaction Summary
  • Tax Reporting
  • Company Profile

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"Accounts Payable" is part of the WinLedge Accounting Series line of products, developed by Classic Software.

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