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This product has been acquired by IBM and rebranded to IBM Cognos C7 (formerly Clarity 7).


Clarity Visualizer is a Web-based, highly graphical business intelligence application for enterprise-wide analysis and reporting that is integrated directly into the Clarity Performance Management (CPM) suite. This means that Clarity Visualizer will leverage CPM’s:

  • Tight security to ensure that only assigned users can view the business units and accounts that you have authorized them to see
  • Integration into your source systems
  • Defined business units, accounts, metrics, ratios and KPI.

Clarity Visualizer provides the user with a platform to create highly graphical views of their data, within an easy-to-use drag & drop environment. Users can then further analyze the data by directly interacting with the charts, graphs and tables. Clarity Visualizer lets you explore the information the way you want to.


Clarity Visualizer is great for both power users and regular users through its robust, intuitive and easy to use tables and graphics. Never have you been able to communicate information this effectively throughout your organization.

Creating your ideal dashboard is just a start, the charts you create are actually interactive allowing you to further slice a pie chart, rotate a bar chart or drill into a speedometer. This allows users to take their analysis of performance metrics, balanced scorecards and traffic lighting to another level.


Much of the discussion surrounding corporate performance management involves moving beyond what an organization can accomplish with spreadsheets, your accounting package or any stand-alone 3rd party reporting tool. Now, with Clarity Visualizer this can be achieved. Visualizer allows organization’s to establish and monitor leading indicators to react earlier and act more decisively.


  • Create dashboards
  • Analyze margins
  • Investigate customer profitability
  • Visually communicate your balanced scorecards
  • Compare performance by territory
  • Monitor marketing campaign performance
  • Perform Website analytics
  • Track market share


  • Dashboard displays
  • Interactive drillable 2D & 3D charts
  • Powerful data visualization
  • Monitor leading indicators
  • Act more decisively
  • Seamlessly integrated

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Clarity Visualizer:

"Clarity Visualizer" is part of the Clarity Performance Management (CPM) line of products, developed by Clarity Systems.