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This product has been acquired by IBM and rebranded to IBM Cognos C7 (formerly Clarity 7).


Clarity Reporting is a Web-based, enterprise-wide reporting application that supports advanced analytical features and delivers highly formatted financial statements. With Clarity Reporting, users can:

  • Create and distribute month-end financial statements
  • Perform ad-hoc financial analysis
  • Report on operational performance by customer, product, department and time period.

Clarity Reporting’s advanced analytical features enable users to slice and dice the data to quickly identify the key information necessary to support the business decision-making process.


Clarity Reporting uses a combination of OLAP and relational database technologies to create a complete reporting package. OLAP (or multi-dimensional) databases are best known for creating aggregations of relational information (i.e. General Ledger data) by way of reporting cubes. Like a pivot table, Clarity Reporting’s OLAP technology allows users to interact with the data in their own way through drilling, slicing and dicing. Users can create their own reports without having to rely on IT for assistance.

Clarity Reporting’s publish-ready report books and e-mail distribution allow organizations to quickly get information to any employee.


Clarity Reporting’s Detect & Alert, Balanced Scorecards and Traffic Lighting features highlight material variances to the responsible managers. Clarity Reporting’s drill through capability then allows users to investigate and understand variances by drilling down into the supporting details to see the actual transactions.


Clarity Reporting allows managers to get the information when they want, and laid out how they want it. Clarity Reporting ensures that all managers who share access to the same business units see the same information.

Clarity Reporting eliminates the need for multiple reporting applications and the costs resulting from duplicating training, maintenance and administration.


  • OLAP
  • MS-Excel like interface
  • Balanced scorecards
  • Traffic lighting
  • Detect & alert
  • Boardroom quality reports
  • Automatic report distribution
  • Tight security
  • Seamlessly integrate with your source systems

Other Applications

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"Clarity Reporting" is part of the Clarity Performance Management (CPM) line of products, developed by Clarity Systems.