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This product has been acquired by IBM and rebranded to IBM Cognos C7 (formerly Clarity 7).


Clarity Modeling is a streamlined what-if modeling solution that effortlessly generates financial alternatives based on different parameters.

Many organizations do not perform the necessary contingency planning their business requires to ensure maximized results in both good times and bad. Their planning solution, in most cases spreadsheets, does not allow organizations to immediately see the impact on the financial statements by changing assumptions such as:

  • Change revenues or costs by a fixed percentage, either up or down
  • Change the allocation assumptions
  • Set new financial targets and force the underlying numbers to change proportionally to hit these new targets
  • Modeling in Clarity begins with versioning.

Versioning allows you to take an existing subset of information and copy it over to a new data set. You can then begin to alter your new set of data without affecting the original.


Clarity Modeling provides the ability to perform top-down modeling of an organization’s financial performance. With Clarity Modeling, you can adjust various financial and non-financial parameters to see the impact of these changes on the overall financial results of the organization. Modeling options include percentage change or custom allocation applied against all or part of the organizational structure.


Goal Seeking is another powerful way to perform what-if analysis on your planning information. Design goal seeking around the fields you would like to enter as targets and then control which of your accounts can vary to reach your goal.


Clarity Modeling’s goal seeking will then optimize your line items in order to achieve your targeted results. Goal seeking results can be used to provide management with a quick snapshot of how the organization can achieve a desired result or as an actual what-if scenario published to the Clarity database for further modifications, ad-hoc reporting and boardroom reporting.


  • What-if scenarios
  • Powerful modeling tools
  • Top-down or bottom-up
  • Goal-seeking
  • Tight version controls
  • Fast & accurate

Other Applications

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"Clarity Modeling" is part of the Clarity Performance Management (CPM) line of products, developed by Clarity Systems.