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This product has been acquired by IBM and rebranded to IBM Cognos C7 (formerly Clarity 7).


Clarity Budgeting is a real-time Web-based budgeting, planning, forecasting and collaboration solution that leverages the power of the world’s leading OLAP and relational databases.

Within Clarity Budgeting, the planning, budgeting and forecasting processes seamlessly feed into each other. There are no worksheet links or distribution lists to maintain, and the Clarity Performance Management database provides data integrity so you can trust the numbers.

Start by going through your existing MS-Excel workbooks identifying templates you would like to include in your budgeting process. Clarity Budgeting allows you to publish those spreadsheet templates to the Web making them available to a larger audience with real-time access to the central database.


Clarity Budgeting’s sophisticated calculation engine supports the ability to define complex business rules that can be customized to each client’s business requirements. It’s easy to define how revenues and/or costs are driven by various activities or non-financial metrics. You can also define any number of allocation rules.

Once published, your templates are available throughout your entire organizational structure. Using Clarity Budgeting’s tight security controls you choose which users can enter information into which templates.


Clarity Budgeting dramatically reduces the learning curve for new users by providing intuitive data entry templates and reports with an MS-Excel look and feel. All of the formatting capabilities of MS-Excel are available in our data entry templates and reports, with all the data residing in one central database. With close to 80 per cent of global corporations still using spreadsheets for budgeting, the move to Clarity Budgeting is quick, seamless and easy to adopt by users within the organization.


  • Reduce budget cycle time
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Improve forecasting capabilities

Other Applications

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"Clarity Budgeting" is part of the Clarity Performance Management (CPM) line of products, developed by Clarity Systems.