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Clarity Performance Management (CPM)

A web-based multi-module management system designed by Clarity Systems.
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This product has been acquired by IBM and rebranded to IBM Cognos C7.

Clarity Performance Management (CPM) is a suite of tightly integrated, highly scalable, web-based applications that support all aspects of Corporate Performance Management. Clarity Performance ManagementTM enables organizations to measure actions against their unique business strategies in order to ensure that the objectives, strategies and actions of an organization are aligned at all levels, across the enterprise.

Clarity Budgeting


Clarity Budgeting is a real-time Web-based budgeting, planning, forecasting and collaboration solution that leverages the power of the world’s leading OLAP and relational databases.

Within Clarity Budgeting, the planning, budgeting and forecasting processes seamlessly feed into each other. There are no worksheet links or distribution lists to maintain, and the Clarity Performance Management database provides data integrity so you can trust the numbers.

Start by going through your existing MS-Excel workbooks identifying templates you would like to include in your budgeting process. Clarity Budgeting allows you to publish those spreadsheet templates to the Web making them available to a larger audience with real-time access to the central database.


Clarity Budgeting’s sophisticated calculation engine supports the ability to define complex business rules that can be customized to each client’s business requirements. It’s easy to define how revenues and/or costs are driven by various activities or non-financial metrics. You can also define any number of allocation rules.

Once published, your templates are available throughout your entire organizational structure. Using Clarity Budgeting’s tight security controls you choose which users can enter information into which templates.


Clarity Budgeting dramatically reduces the learning curve for new users by providing intuitive data entry templates and reports with an MS-Excel look and feel. All of the formatting capabilities of MS-Excel are available in our data entry templates and reports, with all the data residing in one central database. With close to 80 per cent of global corporations still using spreadsheets for budgeting, the move to Clarity Budgeting is quick, seamless and easy to adopt by users within the organization.


  • Reduce budget cycle time
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Improve forecasting capabilities

Clarity Consolidation


Clarity Consolidation is a financial consolidation, reporting and analysis solution that offers unparalleled capabilities in collection, consolidation, analytics, production and distribution of financial results. Clarity Consolidation is fully integrated with the rest of the Clarity Performance Management suite. Clarity Consolidation will reduce the time you spend ensuring data integrity, managing recurring accruals, performing allocations for tax, translating currency, calculating joint ventures, consolidating minority interests, mergers & acquisitions, divestitures, and calculating exchange rate differences.

Clarity Consolidation’s Web architecture incorporates tight security on the information allowing you to designate which users can view what information. Delivery of information to your endusers is real-time. Comparative statements can be authored in a spreadsheet environment and then published to the Web. What-if scenarios take only a few keystrokes to execute.


The CPM database allows you to fully or partially, in the case of minority interests or joint ventures, consolidate business units together. New business units can be set to automatically integrate into existing roll-ups. Multiple hierarchies can be established to support multiple roll-ups of your business units i.e. pre vs. post elimination or management vs. financial reporting. Clarity Consolidation also provides sophisticated multi-currency features.


Clarity Consolidation’s journal entry module automates recurring monthly journals such as eliminating entries and accruals. CPM’s Allocation Manager can be used to create fully contributed P&Ls by tax entity in order to properly calculate taxes. CPM reports will automatically pick up new business units, new accounts and calculated exchange rate differences. CPM’s report books can be used to automate the month-end distribution of reports into your desired file format, out to your desired reviewers, and at your desired time.


  • Accelerate the closing of your books
  • Manage journal entries
  • Eliminate inter-company transactions.
  • Calculate tax by entity
  • Translate currency and calculate exchange rate differences
  • Calculate joint ventures and minority interests

Clarity Modeling


Clarity Modeling is a streamlined what-if modeling solution that effortlessly generates financial alternatives based on different parameters.

Many organizations do not perform the necessary contingency planning their business requires to ensure maximized results in both good times and bad. Their planning solution, in most cases spreadsheets, does not allow organizations to immediately see the impact on the financial statements by changing assumptions such as:

  • Change revenues or costs by a fixed percentage, either up or down
  • Change the allocation assumptions
  • Set new financial targets and force the underlying numbers to change proportionally to hit these new targets
  • Modeling in Clarity begins with versioning.

Versioning allows you to take an existing subset of information and copy it over to a new data set. You can then begin to alter your new set of data without affecting the original.


Clarity Modeling provides the ability to perform top-down modeling of an organization’s financial performance. With Clarity Modeling, you can adjust various financial and non-financial parameters to see the impact of these changes on the overall financial results of the organization. Modeling options include percentage change or custom allocation applied against all or part of the organizational structure.


Goal Seeking is another powerful way to perform what-if analysis on your planning information. Design goal seeking around the fields you would like to enter as targets and then control which of your accounts can vary to reach your goal.


Clarity Modeling’s goal seeking will then optimize your line items in order to achieve your targeted results. Goal seeking results can be used to provide management with a quick snapshot of how the organization can achieve a desired result or as an actual what-if scenario published to the Clarity database for further modifications, ad-hoc reporting and boardroom reporting.


  • What-if scenarios
  • Powerful modeling tools
  • Top-down or bottom-up
  • Goal-seeking
  • Tight version controls
  • Fast & accurate

Clarity Reporting


Clarity Reporting is a Web-based, enterprise-wide reporting application that supports advanced analytical features and delivers highly formatted financial statements. With Clarity Reporting, users can:

  • Create and distribute month-end financial statements
  • Perform ad-hoc financial analysis
  • Report on operational performance by customer, product, department and time period.

Clarity Reporting’s advanced analytical features enable users to slice and dice the data to quickly identify the key information necessary to support the business decision-making process.


Clarity Reporting uses a combination of OLAP and relational database technologies to create a complete reporting package. OLAP (or multi-dimensional) databases are best known for creating aggregations of relational information (i.e. General Ledger data) by way of reporting cubes. Like a pivot table, Clarity Reporting’s OLAP technology allows users to interact with the data in their own way through drilling, slicing and dicing. Users can create their own reports without having to rely on IT for assistance.

Clarity Reporting’s publish-ready report books and e-mail distribution allow organizations to quickly get information to any employee.


Clarity Reporting’s Detect & Alert, Balanced Scorecards and Traffic Lighting features highlight material variances to the responsible managers. Clarity Reporting’s drill through capability then allows users to investigate and understand variances by drilling down into the supporting details to see the actual transactions.


Clarity Reporting allows managers to get the information when they want, and laid out how they want it. Clarity Reporting ensures that all managers who share access to the same business units see the same information.

Clarity Reporting eliminates the need for multiple reporting applications and the costs resulting from duplicating training, maintenance and administration.


  • OLAP
  • MS-Excel like interface
  • Balanced scorecards
  • Traffic lighting
  • Detect & alert
  • Boardroom quality reports
  • Automatic report distribution
  • Tight security
  • Seamlessly integrate with your source systems

Clarity Visualizer


Clarity Visualizer is a Web-based, highly graphical business intelligence application for enterprise-wide analysis and reporting that is integrated directly into the Clarity Performance Management (CPM) suite. This means that Clarity Visualizer will leverage CPM’s:

  • Tight security to ensure that only assigned users can view the business units and accounts that you have authorized them to see
  • Integration into your source systems
  • Defined business units, accounts, metrics, ratios and KPI.

Clarity Visualizer provides the user with a platform to create highly graphical views of their data, within an easy-to-use drag & drop environment. Users can then further analyze the data by directly interacting with the charts, graphs and tables. Clarity Visualizer lets you explore the information the way you want to.


Clarity Visualizer is great for both power users and regular users through its robust, intuitive and easy to use tables and graphics. Never have you been able to communicate information this effectively throughout your organization.

Creating your ideal dashboard is just a start, the charts you create are actually interactive allowing you to further slice a pie chart, rotate a bar chart or drill into a speedometer. This allows users to take their analysis of performance metrics, balanced scorecards and traffic lighting to another level.


Much of the discussion surrounding corporate performance management involves moving beyond what an organization can accomplish with spreadsheets, your accounting package or any stand-alone 3rd party reporting tool. Now, with Clarity Visualizer this can be achieved. Visualizer allows organization’s to establish and monitor leading indicators to react earlier and act more decisively.


  • Create dashboards
  • Analyze margins
  • Investigate customer profitability
  • Visually communicate your balanced scorecards
  • Compare performance by territory
  • Monitor marketing campaign performance
  • Perform Website analytics
  • Track market share


  • Dashboard displays
  • Interactive drillable 2D & 3D charts
  • Powerful data visualization
  • Monitor leading indicators
  • Act more decisively
  • Seamlessly integrated

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