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Clarity Systems

A developer of business management software.

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This developer has been acquired by IBM.

Clarity Systems is a leader in the business intelligence arena providing corporate performance management software, solutions, consulting, and training services. Clarity Systems enables its clients to improve business processes thereby increasing efficiency and accountability.

Since 1995, Clarity Systems has provided solutions that deliver competitive advantage to customers across all industries. From financial services, to manufacturing, to consumer products, Clarity leverages the unique business issues of its diverse client roster to provide unparalleled services and solutions. Clarity’s unique blend of financial and technical experts, highly functional corporate performance management solutions and rigorous methodologies makes them the natural choice for companies seeking results and value for money.

With hundreds of clients throughout North America, Clarity Systems leverages its diversified team of experts and highly functional solutions to provide award-winning results.

Clarity Systems places an emphasis on solutions that enable clients to:

  • Improve the frequency, accuracy and ease of the budgeting process
  • Prepare more timely and accurate forecasts
  • Produce highly formatted financial reports
  • Complete complex financial consolidations
  • Develop sophisticated what-if analyses and ad-hoc reporting
  • Integrate easily with any of the leading ERP systems
  • Control corporate revenue & expense planning
  • Administer human resources planning
  • Manage both customer and product profitability analysis
  • Create accountability through Detect & Alert capabilities
  • Monitor through Balanced Scorecards and Dashboards

Driven by our internal team of experts, analyst advice and in-depth research, our product strategy is also influenced by customer feedback and customer specific enhancements. Clarity Systems is committed to keeping our Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Suite ahead of the curve in terms of functionality and performance.

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