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Enthused by mobile revolution, CitiXsys creates an iVend mobility application for retailers that are intuitive, easy-to-use, and highly functional to gather business from modern day consumer who is Smart, equipped and always on the move. This iVend application allows retailers to sell their products to store visitors through Mobile POS. iVend mobility solution integrates the power and functionality of a traditional POS into a mobile device that allows modern retailer to service customers anywhere on the shopping floor anytime. This enhances Customer service, iVend Mobile POS enables, store managers to spend more time on the sales floor, improving efficiency and profitability. Our Mobility solution empowers retailers to acquire a Mobile POS On Demand! On Contact!

Need for a Mobile POS

Today’s tech savvy shoppers, expect the businesses solutions which are interactive and updated as well. Modern retailers are struggling to keep up with a consumer base that is dramatically outpacing them in the adoption of new mobile technologies. As smartphones and iPads continue to skyrocket in popularity, retailers are empowered to provide shoppers with on-demand product and store information wherever they are – including in the store.

Common issues faced by Retailers

  • Lost revenue – Due to slow-moving check-out lines,
  • Missed selling opportunities- Due to lack of Information at product Display
  • Poor customer service- Little or no information about Product features & Promotions
  • Outdated Software Systems- Non Scalable & non mobile integration
  • High Cost of Real estate – Investment in space and hardware for increasing Sales Points

iVend Mobility Solution – Changing dynamics with Mobile POS

The Mobile POS solution is composed of a client application running on a touch-based hardware platform. This handheld “register” is connected to iVend Retail Server which interfaces with the backend enterprise data. Through this integrated solution, users have access to all core sales functionality – including customizations – accessible from Mobile Device.

Standard functionality includes

  • Biometric user authentication and security
  • Scan or manually enter items
  • View item details, including inventory
  • Cancel, suspend, delete or recover a transaction
  • Card payment using manual entry
  • e-signature acceptance on screen via stylus

iVend Retail mobility solution supports the Point of Service functionality appropriate for the sales floor, including product look-up and the Enterprise , iVend suite of Retail Application is configured delivers customizations to incorporate promotions, gift cards, discounts, loyalty programs and so on.

Benefits Of iVend Mobility solution – Retailers now leverage stronger integration of multichannel Sales

Benefits of iVend’s Mobility Solution retailers leverage stronger integration of multi-channel sales activities within the store environment. The returns begin immediately, as sales associates increase their customer interaction. Retailers realize the following benefits from their iVend Retail mobility application implementations:

  • Increased POS capacity without using valuable floor space
  • Enabled sales associates are able to serve customers, from start till end to checkout, from everyplace on the shop floor
  • Increased conversions and average tickets as associates can influence the customer and close the sale influencing the decision-making process
  • Increased customer satisfaction by shortening checkout lines and considerably reduced abandoned carts – one of the major complaints customers have with in store shopping
  • Complies industry standards for security of data and payment information
  • Gained ROI and time-to-value using the iVend Mobility solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing iVend Retail

It is clear that mobile represents an enormous change in how retailers approach store operations and consumer interactions, and retailers are waking up to the need to leverage mobile throughout everyday store operations and consumer interactions. Forward-looking retailers are using mobile technology innovatively & in unique ways to take charge of their store operations like never before, and fuel themselves into 21st century.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with iVend Mobile:

"iVend Mobile" is part of the iVend Retail Suite line of products, developed by CitiXsys Technologies.