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Talent Acquisition

Whether you are looking for internal talent or recruiting externally, cfactor talent acquisition streamlines the process for candidates and the organization. Job, position and posting management seamlessly integrate with job board, applicant tracking and social profile features.

Before You Start

You’ve found the ideal employee, how do you keep their enthusiasm up until their first day? cfactor delivers a personalized preboarding solution that engagingly introduces the company, connects the new hire with their colleagues and helps them hit the ground running.

Virtual Day 1

We’ve all sat through a first day orientation pouring over binders of information, mountains of forms and pages of policies. Hardly inspiring. cfactor provides an innovative virtual day 1 experience that your employees will love. It is immersive, interactive, engaging - memorable!

During Your First Year

Few companies have onboarding systems in place that deliver an effective program that continues well beyond the first day. cfactor automates the entire onboarding program (social, developmental and transactional) personalized to your company and in accordance with your unique stages.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Onboarding:

"Onboarding" is part of the Vibe HCM line of products, developed by cfactor.