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  • Configure up to ten (10) sales tax types, each with its own rate (with up to 3 decimal places).
    • Options for jurisdictions with more advanced rules, such as minimum thresholds and rounding up, down or nearest.
    • Option to have prices include sales tax. (“Real” sales price is back-computed by subtracting tax from visible price.)
    • Handles special cases for Canadian dual taxes and Hawaii excise tax.
  • Each inventory category can be set to one of the tax types, to non-taxable, or to non-sales (non-sales income w/no tax).
  • By default, sub-categories inherit this setting from their parent categories.
    • Mark specific customers as tax exempt or to use a specific tax type, or individually override tax type at point of sale.
    • Tax amount computed by applying rate to subtotals for each tax type, avoiding round-off errors.
    • Tax amount summaries included in Day-End and Month-End reports, includes breakdown by tax type of total taxable sales amount, total tax-exempt amount, and total tax collected (for each month).