Is Artisan POS Deluxe Software right for your business?

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  • Integrated: Optional integrated payment process lets you authorize credit cards (and other payment types) directly through Artisan w/o a separate bank terminal. (Requires purchase of additional software/service, and a magnetic card swipe reader. MSR not required for manual card # entry, e.g. phone orders.)
  • Secure: Artisan version 3.5 is fully compliant with PA-DSS Credit Card Industry Standards.
    • Credit card numbers are always masked to show only allowed digits.
    • Sensitive card data (swipe data, security codes, and full card numbers) are never stored on disk.
    • Separately-purchased Card on File feature stores card info on external secure server for re-use.
    • Optional encrypted card reader for additional security.
    • All payment transactions logged in Artisan (as well as external software).
  • Comprehensive: Process Voids and Voice Authorizations directly in Artisan. Address Verification (AVS) and Security Code (CVV) for card-not-present cases, with zero-dollar pre-auth check (ZDA) for supported Processors.
  • Debit: Also supports debit card transactions using a PIN Pad, with optional Cash Back amount. (For debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo, a PIN Pad is not required, but will probably save you money because you get a transaction fee instead of paying a percentage.)
  • EBT: Support for Electronic Benefits Transfer.
    • Automatically restricts EBT SNAP (Food Stamps) to allowed merchandise categories.
    • Also supports EBT Cash Benefits, with optional Cash Back amount.
  • Check Processing: Supports check processing, with selected Processors & Processing Methods:
    • Check Verification – Simply lets you know if customer has a history of bad checks.
    • Check Guarantee – If customer doesn’t have bad history and check bounces, you get reimbursed.
    • Check Conversion (“Truncation”) – Check amount is immediately transferred from customer’s bank account to yours.