Is Artisan POS Deluxe Software right for your business?

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  • Multi-Store features Requires the Purchase of Multi-Store Licensing
  • You can have non-inventory locations, for “virtual” locations like an Internet Store or a Sidewalk Sale.
  • Share Data: Share the same data across multiple sites (stores, warehouses, or departments), directly connected or remotely.
  • Per Site Settings: Each site can have their own store name & address, default sales tax type, and selected other settings.
  • Per Site Day-End: Day-End closings are kept independently for each site and deposits can be made into separate checking accounts.
  • Combined or Individual Sales Reports: Sales and inventory reports can show totals and/or breakdowns by site (or individual register station).
  • Each Site has a “File Server”: Stations at remote sites share data within site, over a local network (LAN).
  • Reduced Data Transfer: Remote site data is periodically synchronized with main data (in one piece, no matter how many stations).
  • Site Recovery: Even if synchronization is incomplete (due to Internet outages), you can reactivate your data & continue operation.
  • Optional Per-Location Purchasing & Receiving with per site re-order levels (or make them all the same).
    • Reorders, Special Orders, and other Purchase Requests are associated with their original locations.
    • Combine requests from all locations on a single PO and automatically distribute or redistribute as necessary.
    • Option to transfer inventory immediately or create a pending transfer both with a printed Transfer Manifest.