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  • Drivers License: Capture customer Name, Address, DOB, etc. by swiping Driver’s License with a magnetic stripe or scanning 2D bar code. Supported in most, but not all states.
  • 23 Lookup Fields: Quick lookup of customers by first name, last name, business name, street address, last 4 digits of phone number, Customer ID, or 16 other search options. Sound-alike option lets you find names even if you don’t know the exact spelling.
  • Results Narrow as You Type: Type only as many characters as needed to find customer in list, or swipe name from credit card.
  • ID Cards: Optionally use bar-coded customer cards & some types of magnetic stripe customer cards to quickly identify customers.
    • You can set “club” discounts to apply only when customer card used (or Customer ID keyed in manually).
    • Use multiple customer cards (with different IDs) for the same (family) Customer Record.
  • On the Fly: Add or modify customer records on the fly from any customer selection screen.
  • No practical limit on number of customers.
  • Purchase History: Track customers’ purchases and maintain sales data for many years.
  • Store Credits: Track outstanding merchandise credit slips by customer.
  • History: View customer purchase and payment history by totals or by individual transactions.
    • “YTD” (Year To Date) sales as well as total sales directly in Customer Record.
  • Edit/Add in Cash Register: View and edit detailed customer information from point of sale.
  • Pop-Up Note: Tag special or problem customers with a Pop-Up Note that displays on the Cash Register screen.
  • Notes: Multi-line memo field lets you keep additional notes about the customer. Five searchable custom fields for your own use.
  • Two Birthday fields and an Anniversary date. Per-customer shipping methods, account terms, and discounts.
  • Pictures: Store customer pictures for display from the Cash Register or while viewing a Customer Record.
  • Mailing List: Create specialized customer mailing lists and labels. (See MAILING LIST MANAGEMENT.)