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One of the reasons GuestPoint® has won awards, is the innovative way we deploy the solution for our clients. GuestPoint® is a new breed of software that recognizes both the benefits and risks of running a mission critical application like property management in the cloud.

The advantages of running in the cloud are:

  • your data is always backed up
  • your credit cards details are secure
  • you can access your data from anywhere

The advantages of software installed at your property are:

  • You have no risk of downtime if your Internet connection is lost or very slow
  • If your supplier goes out of business, your software can still be accessed
  • Response time is extremely fast as the data is stored on your PC

GuestPoint® uses a unique hybrid data engine that gives you the best of both worlds. Your data (except credit card information) is all stored at your property and as you use GuestPoint®, it accesses this data. This means GuestPoint® is very fast and you can keep working even when the Internet is down.

GuestPoint® also continuously synchronises your data up to the Centium Cloud Server where it is regularly backed up. The Cloud Server is continually monitoring changes in your available inventory and will automatically update your online booking page and sent updates to your Channel Manager.

You can access your data on the Centium Cloud Server from anywhere in the world. Just load GuestPoint® on your laptop and log in using Web Mode.

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