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As the single point of access to manage all contacts related to the event, the Contact Management area of EventsPro® comprises a database that can be customized to suit your specific requirements supported by a powerful search engine. Details of prospects, attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers along with a summary of their status, requirements and registration details are easily accessible. You can also manage group bookings, generate comprehensive merge letters and broadcast emails.

As well as standard, commonly used contact details, you are able to easily define over 100 customised fields to store additional information to meet whatever specific requirement you may have. These additional fields are easily incorporated into reports, merge letters or emails or any output generated by the system.

A master file facility allows you to easily copy records from one event to another and to maintain a history of attendance across events. There is also an automatic duplicate detector, KPI tracking feature and a simple utility available to import data.

Contact Management also has the ability to store and send text messages to contacts who supply mobile phone details - individually, all inclusively or based on specific selection criteria.


Easily keep track of all communication with event participants using the Notes tool which provides one central reference point. Notes can be classified by type and user and the date and time a note was created is automatically recorded. You can track telephone calls and the system can automatically track correspondence such as letters, emails and invoices as they are generated.

The Notes tool may also be used for submission of detailed special requirements, or to include personalized notes in merge letters. You can also store and link to documents submitted by the participant (e.g. letter of assignment, C.V. etc.).


Build a further defined profile on your participants with the Profile tool which allows you to create multiple user-defined fields in up to 6 additional categories to record specific additional information in contacts in your database (e.g. passport details, visa requirements, educational history, work experience, etc.). The Profile tool is easily customizable offering multiple field types for input including text, data, drop-down list, check box, HTML text, date, number and amount. Historical changes can be viewed in a change log whether they are updated by your team members or online.

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