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When managing projects, teams often need to interact with multiple “specialized” tools within the confines of their work activities. For example, while working on assigned tasks, team members may also need to manage bugs, issues, change requests or tickets. They don’t fancy going to another app to check out bugs or want to use a Google Drive spreadsheet to manage issues and certainly don’t want to hunt through their emails to figure out whether the client signed-off on a change request. They want all of them in one place. And it’s not just about views. For example, a lot of customers want project teams to fill time on tasks as well as bugs. If bugs are present in a different app, then they will have to fill time there and then consolidate things in a different in-house app. All this just adds to the chaos and undermines productivity! With Celoxis’ apps, organizations have the power to easily create and manage such well-defined, repetitive project and business processes or routines all within the comfort of a single project management system. They also have a suite of pre-built apps: Bugs, Issues, Risks, Approvals and Change Requests, so that you have all things like bugs, approvals, sign-offs, change requests in one place alongside your tasks. You can also fill time on them. Clients can also initiate and participate in your business processes.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Custom Apps:

"Custom Apps" is part of the Celoxis Project Portfolio Management Software line of products, developed by Celoxis Technologies Pvt. Ltd..