Is Celerant Command Retail right for your business?

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Celerant integrates a full-featured, 5-dimensional, allocation-based distribution center with the retail management system. As with the rest of the retail management system, Celerant’s distribution center data is kept in real-time, allowing the rest of the enterprise to know exactly what is in stock and where it is, at all times.

Effortlessly request and receive actual status on all warehouse activity, as it evolves.

Receiving, shipping, merchandise location, and shipment tracking functions are reflected in real-time and are visible, at once, throughout the organization.

Wireless Warehouse Applications

Celerant Technology offers a variety of wireless applications, to simplify your retail operation, allowing daily procedures that would have been time consuming in the past, to be completed in a fraction of the time. Streamline your warehouse or distribution center, while minimizing paperwork and downtime from moving merchandise and filling orders.

  • Pack to Store Applications
  • Warehouse Receiving Applications
  • Primary Transfer for Allocation Applications
  • Directed Putaway Applications
  • Forced Putaway Applications

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange is a paperless way for retailer to exchange information such as purchase orders, acknowledgments, advanced ship notices, invoices, and selling information. With EDI, increase your turnaround time, improve your accuracy and speed on information exchanged, and reduce operational costs.

Automatic document generation will reduce human error and shrink, increases data integrity, and maintain a consistent, efficient method throughout the supply-chain.

Inbound Logistics/Planning

Celerant Command Retail enables both the scheduling and planning for inbound deliveries to the warehouse from vendors. Calendar views are available within the system and deliveries can be scheduled, along with the appropriate Purchase Order number and assigned dock or bay. The Command retail system enables you to track the time-frame of each delivery, and analysis can be completed to view your over schedule deliveries.

Delivery Planning/Logistics

In addition, the Command Retail system allows you to schedule your outbound deliveries to your customer. Set delivery dates or preferred delivery dates can be scheduled within the system and are available on a calendar view. Deliveries can be scheduled as split or whole orders and then analysis can be completed for scheduled orders, outstanding orders, etc. in either daily, weekly or monthly calendar views.