Is Celerant Command Retail right for your business?

Celerant Command Retail is a great fit for many businesses. Find out if it's the right choice for you! Are you looking for a Celerant Command Retail demo, technical support, product or pricing information or to simply to compare Celerant Command Retail with competitive options? Quickly get answers and the information you need.

Managing your employees can become a simple and low-cost task with Celerant’s complete point of sale system. Administer all your employees and security from one centralized location and complete all your payroll and commission reports with a simple click of a button. Manage employee security centrally to ensure the confidentiality of your business records.

Celerant Command Retail optimizes your workforce management by suggesting optimum staffing times, allowing you to reduce labor costs and more effectively utilize your staff.


Retailers often find it time-consuming to keep track of their employees’ salaries and commissions. With Celerant Command Retail, you have the ability to track all your employee’s commissions and all of your payroll reporting from one central location.

Time Clock

Celerant’s integrated time clock is controlled by both keystroke and biometric employee recognition assuring validity and accuracy of log-ons and punch-ins. In addition, Celerant Command Retail obtains the current time from the on-line atomic clock to ensure that employee check-in time is always accurate and unalterable.

Managers have the option of controlling employee work schedules so employees can only punch-in during their scheduled hours.Reporting on employee performance is effortless and infallible with our employee return on investment reports, covering both payroll and commissions.