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In order to stay ahead of your competition, robust CRM tools are imperative for your retail operation. You must provide a positive customer experience by anticipating customer needs. Keep your customers coming back to your stores by compiling information and sending out targeted mailings. You can also use your CRM module to develop strategies to increase your customer base through demographic analysis.

Customer’s data is simply entered at the POS, and the CRM module tracks the total purchase history. Mailing addresses can be easily printed for you to send various marketing promotions. Examples of these promotions can be based upon VIP memberships, birthdays, purchase history, etc. For customers who opt out of email or other forms of contact, Celerant will bypass these records to respect their preference not to participate.

Campaign Management

Manage your promotional campaigns by sending out emails to your customers directly from their contact information in the built in CRM. Setup email campaigns, choose timeframes for emails and run a complete analysis to review how many items each customer purchased and how much was spent from this promotion.

CRM and Buying Clubs

Celerant’s POS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool enables a retailer to set up CRM and Buying Clubs, to provide a customer with additional purchasing options. Celerant’s Buying Club accumulates your customers’ spending and creates a dollar award for customers based on their sales history.

Celerant Command Retail enables effective promotional management which results in increased customer retention and satisfaction. The software tracks all CRM and Buying Clubs, for both in the store and on the web.

  • Enable promo pop-ups reminders for your cashier when a customer is within a threshold of receiving a Group Quantity or Multi-Buy discount.
  • Streamline Buying Club Enrollment by scanning club IDs.
  • Show Buying Club Free Dollars on the bottom of receipts.
  • For multiple discounts, you have the option to combine discounts to set the order you wish to have them applied; or enable the best price, giving the customer the lowest price for the product.