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Having a secure retail management point of sale system is key to the successful operation of your business. You must prevent loss of data and must avoid breaches within your store that can lead to inventory shrinkage and ultimately loss of revenue. Celerant ensures you that every aspect of your store and of your system is secure and protected.

Celerant’s security features include

  • All communication in Celerant is encrypted with 3DES, a mode of the DES encryption algorithm that encrypts data three times.
  • Detailed rights-based security access to each application for each employee.
  • Protection of sensitive credit card and customer data to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

Celerant is a VISA-PCI Certified Vendor

Celerant Technology received certification by VISA and the PCI Security Standards Council and is included on Visa’s list of Validated Payment Applications. This important certification provides clients with the peace of mind that their sensitive card holder information is kept private.

The PCI Security Standards Council has a set of standard regulations that vary, depending on the size of the merchant. Before a merchant or vendor can be Visa certified, the PCI Council verifies that these regulations are met by reviewing the results of independent, third party tests of payment processing applications. After the testing is complete, the vendor or merchant may be qualified for certification.

Loss Prevention

For immediate warnings on suspicious incidents, Celerant integrates with Datadvantage’s XBR. XBR offers protection against loss, incorporating more than 300 core queries, and sends alerts immediately after a suspected fraudulent transaction has taken place. With XBR, retailers can easily track and manage incidents and resolve any questionable activity, in a timely manner. Queries to locate transactions that most retailers find to be the most problem-prone include:

  • Refund fraud
  • Void theft
  • Fraudulent credit card activity
  • Dropped sales
  • Employee discount abuse
  • Multiple redemptions of gift certificates
  • Misuse of petty cash
  • Manually keyed credit cards