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Data Warehousing

Celerant Command Retail’s new Data Warehouse applies to all retail selling channels and provides an advanced toolset for designing and producing custom reports with fast retrieval of analytical data.

Customer Analytics

Track customer data at the Point of Sale, view demographics, and look at purchase history to run advanced analytics on customer behavior.

Merchandising Performance

Use forecasting and analysis to monitor inventory levels to optimize the performance of stores and ensure profitability.

Employee Analytics

Review employee activity, maximize sales performance and determine employee success.

Provide key performance indicators and trends, including advanced CRM analysis, to determine sales trends, track inventory flow and more. Data gathers in “cubes” making the process faster and more efficient. This reporting tool will be introduced as a part of Data Focus, with a group of predesigned reports, as well as the ability to design your own.

Web Analytics

Celerant’s Web Analytics uses the same technology as our Data Warehousing tool, extending it to your E-Commerce site. Utilize a fully integrated set of graphical, numeric and descriptive analytic tools to track your online performance beyond the typical methods of analysis. Perform detailed analysis and advanced customer retention tracking by department, brand and style, as well as by city, state and country. Track the performance of your fulfillment center by analyzing your web sales vs. fulfillment by several variables including by store, by employee and by shipping method. These analytical tools allow you to effectively measure your turnaround times improve processes and increase ROI.

Cart Abandonment Tracking

Find out if your customers are not completing a sales transaction on your website. Determine the reasons for cart abandonment by viewing complete traffic patterns of your shoppers and use this information to make necessary adjustments.


Track conversions on your site by reviewing data showing customer activity. Monitor and examine customer patterns to compare browsing history and see how this activity converts to web sales.

Overall Traffic

Analyze your overall website performance within one, central view. Examine several analytical reports including dollars sold vs. cancelled vs. returned, sales vs. fulfillment, completed vs. abandoned orders, conversions rates, top selling products and more.

Social Media Analytics

Use social media websites as a source to measure how each channel behaves, while being able to track abandonment rates, site traffic and conversions on your site, from websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

Website Performance Management

Monitor the performance of your E-Commerce site by analyzing site up-time and speed. Send out email alerts and texts to appropriate parties, along with screenshots to identify where maintenance is needed to improve overall site performance.