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A developer of business management software designed for the manufacturing industry.

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Ceecom Inc. is an international software company which develops, markets and supports web enabled order fulfillment, ERP, supply chain, and CRM software solutions for manufacturers and distributors in a variety of niche industries.

Today’s business conditions insist on organizational collaboration across the supply chain, spanning customers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and financial institutions. The pace of technological innovation particularly on the Internet has elevated the user’s expectations for immediate service and information. Ceecom’s collaborative enterprise solutions are designed to enable customers to rapidly deploy B2B e-commerce solutions to flourish in this fast-paced and continually changing environment.

The Ceecom e-Business package enhances a company’s ability to leverage infinite opportunities and advantages by collaborating across the supply chain backbone to the individual customer. Collaborative e-Commerce is Ceecom’s mission and the focus of the products we develop. Ceecom’s web-enabled applications offer companies an integrated solution to maintain and boost their competitiveness in the e-commerce world, taking orders in minutes, delivering products in hours, and responding instantly.

Ceecom’s software product solutions are supported by a global network of business, technical and consulting partnerships. Our customers market, design, manufacture, distribute and sell high quality products from multiple locations and time zones in multiple currencies.

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