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The CEBOS MQ1™ Risk Management software covers management of all aspects of risk to an organization including requirements of such standards as ISO 14001 and ISO 14971. The risk management software enables users to define each risk, prioritize the risk, create a heat map, and create a mitigation plan with action items and comprehensive reporting. This enables organizations to manage a very comprehensive set of risk requirements.


  • Ensures that the organization is placing the appropriate resources on the highest priority risks
  • Reduce time and costs to manage risks by integrating all aspects within one central system
  • Reduces risk of fines from environmental regulation authorities
  • Covers all aspects of ISO 14001 and ISO 14971


  • Creation of very structured documentation relating to all aspects of each risk element
  • Creation of action items to enable proactive management, including email and escalation notifications to affected individuals and supervisors
  • Linkage of risks to data in other MQ1 modules (operations, processes, products, supplied items, activities, equipment, etc.)
  • Management of risks by identifying goals as well as setting responsibilities and due dates
  • Integration to the MQ1 Documents system supporting hyperlinks to reference documents and procedures
  • Reference to legal requirements that affect the risk management system
  • Linkage to other MQ1 functions (corrective actions, FMEA’s, etc.)

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Risk Management:

"Risk Management" is part of the MQ1 line of products, developed by CEBOS.