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The Data Collection module enables users to quickly and easily document inspection results in a centralized, integrated system. Inspection data can easily be configured to flow directly from the CEBOS Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) module where the quality or control plan is created and approved. As changes are made to the quality documentation, the inspection plan is automatically updated; ensuring the documentation being used on the floor is what is approved by the customer! The Data Collection module also enables real time statistical process control and other analysis capabilities ensuring product is produced within specification tolerances. Linking other aspects of the quality management system into the inspection process, such as the corrective action and non-conformance processes through the CEBOS MQ1 Problem Solver Module, ensures that there is a closed-loop continuous improvement process in place.

Benefits of CEBOS Inspection Software and SPC Software

  • Ensures that data collection is done to the most current control plan revision through direct ties to CEBOS’ APQP and drawing control modules
  • Increases accuracy of inspection information through built-in data validation checking and reminder mechanism’s
  • Enables positive means to document process problems through user configured, automated, non-conformance functionality
  • Reduces messy paperwork and minimizes data storage space
  • Enables quick retrieval with the ability to analyze inspection data and generate inspection documentation and statistics for customers upon request.
  • Enables configurable trigger events upon data collection “out of control” results, such as email alerts, text message alerts, NCR creation, etc., ensuring others in the organization are notified of such critical results

Features of CEBOS Inspection Software and SPC Software

  • Enables attribute data collection and attribute charts
  • Electronic security based sign-off of inspection results
  • Allows non-conformance reports to be created automatically from collection screens
  • User configurable inspection events
  • Link to MQ1™ Gage system allowing inspectors to see which gages are to be used and their status
  • Display of current control plan information at the point of inspection
  • Report on and analyze data, enabling informed decisions
  • SPC analysis and charting
  • Configurable alerts and actions in response to out-of-control conditions based on Statistical Process Control using built-in Western Electric Rules
  • Direct feeds for automated collection from smart gages and other data sources
  • Comprehensive, user configurable graphical reporting

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inspection & SPC:

"Inspection & SPC" is part of the MQ1 line of products, developed by CEBOS.