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Manage to Best-in-Class with CEBOS’ MQ1 Key Performance Indicator Software

The CEBOS MQ1 Key Performance Indicator Software allows users to define and create organization key measurement and scorecards that strengthen management capabilities and improves corporate communication. It facilitates goal setting and ensures disciplined reviews of key performance indicators. Through data mining, the software brings together data from many different data sources within the enterprise and provides the central intelligence on which to act effectively.

Benefits of CEBOS’ Key Performance Indicator Software

  • Reduces time to collect and analyze company performance data.
  • Highlights trouble spots through a corporate dashboard and allows “management by exception” to be effectively realized
  • Improves decision-making confidence based on real-time objective data
  • Reduces business costs by identifying and quantifying process inefficiencies
  • Increases accountability by providing specific and objective performance targets
  • Sharpens the focus on strategic goals and objectives by providing all collaborators with visibility to the companies critical success factors
  • Increases employee understanding of how their individual activities link to the corporate objectives
  • Reduces redundant data management by fully integrating with all MQ1 modules and other business software systems
  • Eliminates wasted efforts by identifying measures that are not yielding value

Features of CEBOS’ Key Performance Indicator Software

  • Built in Trend Charts display progress toward goals
  • Smart prompts allow creation and linking of corrective actions (which can be managed through other MQ1 modules)
  • Email triggers notify users when to collect data while automated data collection, analysis and reporting saves administrative time
  • User defined search screens, fields, filters and reports add flexibility
  • Various types of data feeds (inputs) including manual entry, file links (e.g., Excel links to worksheets and cells, etc.), and SQL script links to OBDC data ensuring complete data collection
  • Supports simultaneous users in multiple locations
  • Tree-view based corporate scoreboard with Green, Yellow and Red indicators
  • Unlimited data inputs, complex formulas with weighting factors, and nested scorecards for data drill-down and roll-up provide extreme flexibility
  • Configurable security setting to protect confidential information
  • Quick access to procedures and change log for maintaining the metrics scorecards

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Dashboard Reporting:

"Dashboard Reporting" is part of the MQ1 line of products, developed by CEBOS.