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A web‑based multi‑module management system designed by CEBOS.
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Our MQ1 technology is a suite of enterprise-wide quality management software. From the plant floor to the boardroom, CEBOS’ quality management software system enables organizations to save thousands of hours complying with management standard requirements.

Our proven software helps companies:

  • Comply with the latest standards
  • Automate business practices
  • Integrate related process data

Determining how to automate business processes, comply with quality/regulatory standards, and leverage the same data needed in multiple processes is critical to cracking the quality management system conundrum.

Popular Functionality Modules

Gage Calibration Gage Calibration Software That Streamlines Gage Management The CEBOS MQ1™ Gage Calibration Software System helps improve the accuracy of measuring devices by facilitating a…

Audit Completely Manage the Auditing Process with CEBOS’ MQ1 Audit Software The software solution eliminates manual administration and distribution of audits by electronically…

Layered Process Audit The CEBOS Layered Process Audit Software (LPA Software) Suite enables a significant reduction or elimination of LPA paperwork and management time to be realized. With CEBOS’…

Inspection & SPC The Data Collection module enables users to quickly and easily document inspection results in a centralized, integrated system. Inspection data can easily be configured to…

Preventive Maintenance Maximize Machinery Uptime and Quality With CEBOS’ MQ1™ Equipment Maintenance Management Software The CEBOS MQ1™ Equipment Maintenance Management Software System simplifies,…

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