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FACS5 Purchasing Module handles the entry and processing of all purchase orders and is integrated with the Inventory Control System, General Ledger System, Sales System and Accounts Payable System.

As purchase orders are received, the inventory system is updated with the quantity received, the warehouse or store location, the current cost paid, and a new average cost. Plus, automatic ordering allows stock orders to be created based on current inventory levels, the vendor’s lead time, and the requested delivery date for the customer. Warehouse space can be maximized by using the “just-in-time” ordering option to order items based on vendor lead time and customer delivery date.

  • Automatically generates purchase orders for special order merchandise.
  • Immediate access to purchase order status to indicate the anticipated or acknowledged shipping dates.
  • Assists in managing incoming inventory for stock and customer orders.
  • Bar code receiving makes merchandise available for immediate sale.
  • Access to purchase order information using various methods such as: Customer, Vendor, Item, Department, Date and Delivery Promised Dates Acknowledgements.
  • Allows set-up of inventory master record while entering a purchase order for a new item.
  • Merchandise ordered for display can be reserved and restricted from sales.
  • Provides for C.O.M. orders and automatically ties the purchase orders together.
  • Sales analysis is based on the combined costs of all associated orders.
  • Accurate cash flow forecasting based on incoming orders.
  • Prints customer confirmation letter when vendor acknowledges an order.
  • Allows orders to be sent to multiple factories for a single manufacturer.
  • Allows for replication of purchase orders for multiple stores.
  • Will automatically FAX purchase order to vendors.
  • Provides freight appointment scheduling system.
  • Provides various methods to record freight cost and include in inventory costing and accounts payable processing.
  • Purchase order history is retained and available for display and reporting.
  • Interfaces with the Accounts Payable system to create vendor invoices.
  • Maintains back ordered quantities.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchasing Module:

"Purchasing Module" is part of the FACS5 Big Ticket Retail Enterprise Solution line of products, developed by CDS Solutions Group.