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The Payroll System is designed to handle entry and processing of multiple pay types within an entire payroll including multiple companies, multiple departments, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly and special commissions.

  • Employees may be hourly, salaried, or paid on commission.
  • Automatically interfaces with the General Ledger System.
  • Performs all state and local tax withholding calculations, as well as up to 20 voluntary deductions.
  • Accommodates multiple state and local tax regulations.
  • Generates quarterly reports which provide data for required quarterly tax returns.
  • W-2 forms can be printed at any time in the new year as well as magnetic media reporting, if required.
  • Current tax routines are user maintained.
  • Departmental allocation of employee time to the General Ledger.
  • Hours worked per employee can be posted to payroll automatically.
  • Employees time punches can be recorded with a scanning device and using bar-coded employee badges.
  • Codes can be assigned to particular job classes to automatically deduct lunch breaks.
  • Departmental or individual time reports can be generated.
  • Time data is posted automatically by hour type, i.e.: regular, overtime, vacation, holiday and sick.
  • Allows Fixed, Declining Balance, or Percent of Gross or Net Pay Deductions.
  • Workman’s compensation wage listings are generated.
  • Supports Section 125 and 401(K) benefit deductions, direct deposit and Magnetic Media reporting to IRS.
  • Works with electronic time clock or terminal time clock for automatic hours calculation.
  • Commissions

FACS5 will automatically calculate commissions and spiffs in a variety of methods by net sales, gross margins, total sale or by individual item on each sale. Commission percentages can be defined by salesperson or inventory classification and payable based on booked sales, delivered sales or cash receipts. Graduated margin or markdown tables can be established by salesperson, with matching, multi-level sales volume levels. Spiffs and premium-commissions can be added by item.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Payroll:

"Payroll" is part of the FACS5 Big Ticket Retail Enterprise Solution line of products, developed by CDS Solutions Group.