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The Inventory System interfaces with the Sales, Purchase Order, and Accounts Receivable Systems to give you total control. The Sales, Purchasing, and Delivery systems immediately update inventory; ensuring accurate “real time“ inventory.

With FACS5, now you can track

  • Total physical inventory.
  • Inventory on hand, available to sell.
  • Total on order.
  • Total sold against incoming purchase orders.
  • Total allocated to a customer order and not delivered.
  • Total scheduled for delivery.
  • Each item’s location in the warehouse and/or store.
  • Designated floor samples.
  • Damaged items.
  • Total on hold for customers.
  • Total in transit between internal locations.

The location system will support up to 999 warehouses which can be subdivided providing aisle/bin and level locations for each item. Store locations can be subdivided by aisle locations and inventory can be received at all locations - or easily transferred from one location to another. With FACS5 the serial number stays with every item from initial receipt through transfers sales and delivery. This makes warranty tracking easy and provides an accurate cost basis for inventory. FACS5 also allows you to make a one-line entry to sell a related group of items or ”set.“ The system will maintain and track inventory for every piece within a set or, if desired, items can be restricted for sale only as part of a set.

The Inventory Control System offers a wide range of benefits for big ticket retail businesses

  • Dramatically reduces the amount of time and effort to conduct physical inventory and/or cycle counts.
  • General Ledger sales account numbers can be established by type of merchandise.
  • Profit Margins maintained by individual items and by department/class.
  • Online editing of transaction entries.
  • Multiple stores and warehouses.
  • Online inventory balances with immediate stock status.
  • Complete, detailed history of all inventory transactions.
  • Multiple prices per item/per store.
  • Multiple methods of inventory costing.
  • Comprehensive management reporting.
  • Transfer system with real time ”In-Transit“ status.
  • Multiple methods of inventory classification.
  • Detailed descriptions of inventory.
  • User-defined allocation parameters.
  • Bar Code Scanning applications for both batch scanners and “real time” radio frequency scanners.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory Control:

"Inventory Control" is part of the FACS5 Big Ticket Retail Enterprise Solution line of products, developed by CDS Solutions Group.