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The FACS5 Customer Service System has 10 sub-modules that give you state-of-the-art features and functions to help you better serve your customers.

  • Service Order Entry Service call entry is done at the time the call is received and all service orders are placed in an open service order file where they are updated as service order actions are taken. Your service assistant can quickly and easily retrieve a customer’s delivered history from the FACS5 database allowing selection of the particular item(s) needing service.
  • Generates a new customer and item for situations where repair service is being performed on an item purchased elsewhere.
  • Unlimited damage description fields to meet manufacturer requirements for charge backs.
  • RF Bar Code System allows the operator to designate damaged stock items and automatically create a service order from the warehouse floor.
  • Charges for labor and parts be charged back to manufacturers, billed to - the customer.
  • All charge backs or billing must be approved before being processed and can be held until a service order is complete.
  • Daily call schedules are assigned to technicians based on designated areas.
  • Accommodates specific customer time requests and provides a printed technician schedule.
  • Service orders can be printed for in-home repairs, providing acknowledgement of work performed.
  • Data can be added to the service order at any time, so orders remain current.
  • Handles non-repairable items marked for return to manufacturer.
  • Service call questions can be handled by the technician, store and service coordinator for fast response.
  • Final data entry includes cause and description of the problem, actual time spent, parts used and closing item.
  • Technician Scheduling Technicians may operate either in house or at a customer site, and are assigned the number of pieces (or stops) the schedule allows per day. This number is based on availability at the time the phone request is taken and is reduced as work is assigned. When the number of allowable pieces or stops is reached, a message is provided to the operator advising that the day is full. Specific days on a technician’s calendar can be flagged as “closed“ making that day unavailable for scheduling - perfect for vacations, sick days or other situations when technicians are not available. Technicians’ calendars can be displayed showing the number of pieces or stops scheduled by day, as well as the number of individual service orders involved.
  • Action Minders This system initiates a ”to do list“ that flags any action that must be taken while handling a service order from open to completion. It’s a valuable tool that enables your staff to maintain current service orders and be prepared for all customer inquiries.
  • Service Repairs This system works with the Delivery Module for the pick up and delivery of repair items, loaners and exchanges (new/replacement) - and keeps track of all items returned to a store or warehouse for repair. Delivery schedules show detailed information for any item included on service orders and automatically update service orders with delivery or pick up details.
  • RF Bar Code Scanning When damaged items are brought back to your facility they are scanned, a damage code is entered, and a service order is automatically created. Scanners can even be used to enter the labor performed for service orders.
  • Parts Inventory and Ordering This system orders and tracks all parts and materials needed for service, linking each part with a specific item on a service order. It automatically tracks incoming, open purchase orders and reconciles them with Receiving and Accounts Payable as a charge or no-charge item. It also tracks parts to be returned to manufacturers for credit, and monitors items on order so you can notify customers of any delays.
  • Vendor Charge Backs and Customer Billing Labor performed and parts required can be billed to vendors. A charge back form is available to submit to vendors for credit. When credit is approved, the approval and posting process will automatically create credit invoices in open payables. Labor and parts can also be billed to customers. The approval and posting process will automatically create an accounts receivable invoice in the customer’s account.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Customer Service:

"Customer Service" is part of the FACS5 Big Ticket Retail Enterprise Solution line of products, developed by CDS Solutions Group.