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Accounts Receivable system is a comprehensive open-item system designed to operate independently or in conjunction with the Inventory Control, General Ledger and Purchase Order Systems.

  • The Accounts Receivable module can reserve inventory, allow delivery, produce purchase orders or generate statements based terms you establish. FACS5 supports everything from in-house revolving charges, lay away purchases and 30 day sales, to C.O.D, 30-60-90, one year no interest and outside financing.
  • Customers may have multiple purchases with multiple terms all under the same account.
  • Automatically interfaces with the Sales and General Ledger Systems.
  • Immediate access to individual invoice and customer balances.
  • User defined terms, including: required down payment amount, number of payments due (based on availability or delivery of inventory), when and how to generate a statement and a late charge.
  • Credit approval is interfaced with sales.
  • Easy access to information and a message system to assist collections.
  • Supports partial billing and pro-rated deposit applications.
  • Automatic credit-on-account processing.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Receivable:

"Accounts Receivable" is part of the FACS5 Big Ticket Retail Enterprise Solution line of products, developed by CDS Solutions Group.