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FACS5 Big Ticket Retail Enterprise Solution

A full ERP system designed by CDS Solutions Group.
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FACS5 has been created to specifically meet the software requirements of growth-oriented Home Furnishings, Appliance, Health Equipment and Musical Merchandise retailers in the US.

  • Over 20 years of proven reliability.
  • Extremely fast and secure - runs natively in a 64bit Operating System that meets DOD C2 Security Rating.
  • Designed and written for IBM AS/400 Servers with the award-winning DB/2 built-in relational database.
  • Relational database design for speed and flexibility.
  • A fully integrated modular software architecture for maximum flexibility and power.
  • Complete support services from CDS Solutions Group - dedicated to providing comprehensive information services for the Big-Ticket retail environment.

FACS5 gives you complete control over the acquisition, disposition and monitoring of goods through your business. Features like Just-In-Time Ordering, Automated Allocation, Delivery Scheduling and Serialized Inventory offer real time tracking of every piece of inventory you make, buy, sell or store. And a complete history for any item or any customer is always readily available.

Inventory Control is a key to the success of every Big-Ticket retail business. Knowing what’s selling and what’s not, seasonal trends, item locations, when something is in stock, out of stock or due to arrive all play an important role. FACS5 can help you manage all of these logistics in a paperless system that lowers costs, decreases errors and increases happy customers. Our real-time Radio Frequency system even eliminates the need for paper documents for receiving, put-a-way, transfers, order picking, cycle counts, physical inventory, and entering service orders for items found damaged.

How do you stay ahead of the competition? Easy. By knowing more than the competition… sooner than the competition. With FACS5, your sales associates can instantly access customer account information, stock status, incoming receiving dates, available delivery dates, and perform credit authorization either at stationary workstations or with our mobile PocketFacs units. Now, for the first time, your people can access any information from anywhere in the store, anywhere on the road, anywhere in the world. And best of all, they can get the information when they need it. Now.

FACS5 gives you complete flexibility when it comes to purchasing stock and special order items. Of course, you can still process orders individually by hand. Or you can let FACS5 develop each order and have management approve them. To make the process even simpler, FACS5 will also forward purchase orders electronically to trading partners…automatically.

FACS5 and its server system are designed to address all aspects of your e-business… providing multiple locations with instant access to information. We can help you generate low-cost, high-value transactional processing - electronic commerce - through EDI, SML and B2B. From a pure “.com” business model, to an advanced brick and mortar and electronic infrastructure, FACS5 creates cutting edge technology solutions for your business.

If you want to streamline your back office operation, take FACS5 into account. Our system automatically moves information from sales, receivables, purchases, and payables into the appropriate general ledger accounts. It can accommodate up to 99 companies with 999 locations. Multiple months and years can be open concurrently. All in all it minimizes human error and maximizes efficiency.

Ease into FACS5 with cash sales only. Then it’s easy to add any financing method individually as your need arises. FACS5 will even facilitate on-line interaction with automated credit clearing companies. Your customer’s purchasing experience is enhanced, your selling experience is simplified.

FACS5 generates many reports automatically, but none is more important than the Gross Margin Return on Inventory. As you know, this information is crucial to the successful operation and management of your retail business. But what you might not know is that FACS5 reporting allows individual formulas to be incorporated based on your exact specifications. You get the report you need, in the format you need with all the information you need.

Popular Functionality Modules

General Ledger FACS5 flexible General Ledger System operates in conjunction with the entire FACS5 system, and supports up to 99 companies with multiple stores and multiple departments.…

Accounts Payable System The Accounts Payable system is interfaced with the Inventory Control, Purchasing and General Ledger Systems. The Accounts Payable System uses a batch invoice entry method,…

Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable system is a comprehensive open-item system designed to operate independently or in conjunction with the Inventory Control, General Ledger and Purchase…

Payroll The Payroll System is designed to handle entry and processing of multiple pay types within an entire payroll including multiple companies, multiple departments, weekly,…

Purchasing Module FACS5 Purchasing Module handles the entry and processing of all purchase orders and is integrated with the Inventory Control System, General Ledger System, Sales System and…

Complete Functionality Module List

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