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CDN Design

A developer of business management software.

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CDN Design has been developing custom database applications for clients since 1996. Custom programs include: quotation and sales tracking for equipment manufacturers; fixed asset maintenance and work order scheduling; bar-code enabled equipment tracking for the service industry; and it’s highly regarded Time and Materials billing program, Clerk of the Works.

Clerk of the Works was first released in September, 2004 to large-loss, insurance restoration and construction companies. Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, COW was used to accurately and efficiently track and invoice insurance restoration jobs from $5,000 to jobs is excess of $10,000,000. One of COW’s key benefits, its unique ability to track resources (labor, equipment, consumables) from multiple companies allows smaller companies to join forces and work together on large projects.

The ease of data entry, detailed and accurate reporting, and flexibility to make changes during post-completion job audits, continues to meet and exceed the needs of all parties involved including: insurers, agents, adjusters, customers, subcontractors, and of course the general contractor or end user.

CDN Design provides free, quick, and personal customer service to every customer. We are able to do this because our customers find our mature and reliable applications very easy to use and well documented.

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