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CCAS has been providing comprehensive accounting solutions for Government Contractors since 1987. All of our products are Windows and Mac compatible and run with full functionality on iOS devices. While our products focus on the needs of government contractors, they’re just as appropriate for any organization needing to manage project costs - and labor costs in particular.

All CCAS products are usable by staff of all experience levels. Our products reduce complex problems to approachable solutions and provide unprecedented account analysis and self-reconciliation features. Light4 and Light4 Capture - our financial and project cost accounting and integrated electronic time and expense software - have been approved by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) at user sites across the US and abroad. As most know, DCAA does not approve accounting software itself, but the user’s implementation of the software and their related accounting policies and procedures.

All CCAS software products represent complete accounting solutions and, accordingly, no addon products are available. Report writing and the full range of “options” offered by others are included with each Light license.

CCAS software is based in the latest versions of FileMaker Pro, the relational database with legendary ease-of-use, stability, and robust cross-platform performance. Installation of our products is fast and easy. It is our experience that users can be fully operational within days of the installation of our software.

ALL CCAS Software products are updated regularly to incorporate new features - ours, and those that may have been suggested by our users - and to address any “fixes” that may be necessary.

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