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CONFIGURATOR+ is an object oriented order and product configuration tool. It is ideal for companies that need to ensure their quotes and orders contain the right mix of items (that is, a valid configuration.) It also helps ensure that “made-to-order” products are correctly specified and accurately translated into manufacturing information.

CONFIGURATOR+ allows companies to leverage their engineering and sales expertise by putting this knowledge into a system that others can use in selling and ordering. Having this intelligence incorporated into CONFIGURATOR+ increases productivity while ensuring accurate, complete quotes and orders.

CONFIGURATOR+ enables non-experts to specify configurations, by filtering out inappropriate customer choices and making available only those that match the customer’s needs.

CONFIGURATOR+ generates the appropriate manufacturing information (bills of materials, routings, dynamic work instructions and more).

Other Applications

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"Configurator Plus" is part of the SaleTransact line of products, developed by TrueSales.

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