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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase

The Core2 - Warehouse Management is a comprehensive WMS designed to efficiently:

  • Schedule and execute dock activities
  • Receive and put-a-way in-bound shipments
  • Pick and load out-bound shipments
  • Support and prioritize tasks
  • Manage inventory across multiple warehouses.

The Core2 - WMS dock schedule function provides complete visibility of dock plans by building and dock door. It supports the process of making dock appointments for in-bound shipments. The dock schedule is linked to both the transportation module and the warehouse receipt and shipment functions.

The Core2 - WMS receipts function enables the quick, accurate, and controlled receipt of in-bound shipments and their put-a-way to specified locations. The receipts function:

  • Processes dock appointments
  • Recalls anticipated receipts based Order ID or Shipment ID
  • Records shipping document IDs and counts
  • Produces pallet tags
  • Produces put-a-way documentation
  • Records put-a-way exceptions
  • Updates purchasing views of open receipts

The Core2 - WMS shipping function is designed for the efficient processing of high volumes of large orders. The shipping function:

  • Communicates real-time picking requirements by Route, Order, and Delivery Stop
  • Produces pick documents to support of variety of pick methods including conveyor picking and pick-to-pallet
  • Produces pick documents to support route picks, bulk picks, and order picks
  • Records pick exceptions
  • Produces shipping documentation

The system supports the inventory manager by identifying projected stock-outs and allowing time for management actions.

Key features include

  • Dock Scheduling
  • Dock Appointments
  • Determine put-away
  • Bin Replenishment
  • Environment Controls
  • Lot Control with Shelf Life
  • Quick, Accurate Controlled Receipts
  • Real Time Picking Requirements
  • Pick to Pallet
  • Bulk Pick Method
  • Conveyor Pick Method
  • Wave Pick Methods
  • Creates Labels for Pallets or Cases
  • Multi-DC Transfers
  • Cycle Counting
  • Wireless Integration

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"Core2 - WMS" is part of the Core2 - Advanced Distribution line of products, developed by Catalpa Systems.

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