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The Core2 - Planning and Purchasing Modules are used to

  • Capture requirements
  • Price requirements
  • Obtain required approvals
  • Formulate and place purchase orders
  • Schedule receipts
  • Monitor delivery performance

Requirements, in the form of requisitions, enter the Core; through either the inventory planning module interface or manual entry. As requisitions enter the system, the source and price of each item is determined. Items may be sourced from vendors, internal manufacturing departments, or another distribution center (transferred). Depending on its source, a requisition is placed on either a purchase order, manufacture order, or inter-branch transfer. Items that can not be priced appear in a pricing queue for Purchasing Department action.

Requisition approval is required if the requisition amount exceeds the requisitioner’s buying limits. Requisition approvers may be specified by profit center or account. Each approver may be assigned a threshold amount, below which their approval is not required. Once approved, requisitions appear in the open requisitions queue for the appropriate buyer for review and processing.

A variety of methods are available for building purchase orders from open requisitions

  • Auto-Generation - For identified item/vendor combinations, the system automatically generates purchase orders from approved requisitions on a routine basis.
  • Quick P.O. - With one mouse click, authorized users may create one purchase order for all items on a requisition directly from within the requisition process.
  • Build-by-Item - Screen lists all open requisition lines for an item allowing selection of requisition lines to be included on the new purchase order.
  • Build-by-Vendor - Screen lists all open requisition lines for a vendor allowing selection of requisition lines to be included on the new purchase order.
  • Build-by-Requisition - Screen lists all open requisition lines for a requisition allowing selection of lines to be included on the new purchase order.

As purchase orders are built, Core2 updates prices and discounts for any changes since requisitioning and determines the transportation plan for the purchase order. Core2 includes a purchase order confirmation feature. Once confirmed, the future planned receipt of the purchase order appears in all forecasts. Purchase order delivery performance is monitored against the original plan.

The purchasing module includes dock appointment functionality for scheduling all receipts and reserving specific dock doors for specific periods of time. Dock appointments feed the warehouse module’s dock schedule, a key warehouse planning tool, and are visible on purchase order queries.

Core2 -Purchasing includes blanket order functionality. Blanket orders record a negotiated price, quantity, and time period for the purchase of an item from a vendor. Purchase orders are referenced to a blanket order as they are priced. System queries display blanket quantities, open purchase orders, and actual receipts by blanket line item.

Key features include

  • On-Line Requisition Approvals
  • Automated Requisition and PO Pricing and Discounting
  • Auto-Generation of Purchase Orders from Requisitions
  • Automated PO Transportation Planning
  • Quick and Flexible PO Builds
  • Blanket Orders
  • Dock Appointments

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