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Restaurant Accounting Software

A multi‑module management system designed by CASH TRRAP Restaurant Accounting Software for accommodations & food services companies.
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Complete Option Program

Here is a brief description of the accounting system design and how it works. Input from the operator is limited to about 15 minutes per day, freeing you to manage your operation.

Features include:

  • The “Store Data“ sheet - This is where our wizard customizes your program to look, work and account your operation the way you want. Or if you a current customer this is where links update your program automatically.
  • The ”Daily Cash Sheets“ - There are 31 total daily cash sheets, one for each day of the month. The cash sheet is where your close report data is entered. This information is extended and sent to 100’s of areas throughout this program updating charts, week to date totals, month to date totals etc. automating the accounting process for you.
  • The ”Operating Statement“ - This is the heart of the reporting process. It is divided into 4 weeks to meet company’s needs that require weekly reporting packages. This form records up to six sales categories. Then it lists sub totals and subtracts your discounts giving you a weekly net sales total. It automatically transfers your purchases by category and sets up your COG % taking into account your inventory totals by category. The OPs statement also displays your labor cost and percentages for you. Then your controllable expenses are calculated giving you a $ total and %. The process displays your profit dollar amount and profit percentage for the week. There is a month to date section that calculates all 4 weeks into a monthly operating column for automatic monthly reporting packages.
  • * Employee ”Schedules“* - The program includes 4, one week schedules that are fully automated. The schedules will give you a budget hour total you can use each day and give you instant feedback on the construction of your schedule for the week. This feature has saved thousands of dollars in over staffing.

All of the features are interconnected and work together doing all of the number crunching for you automatically. Imagine the hours you can save in the office and the $$$$$ you’ll save with ”Instant Information“

Cost effective Options to fit your accounting needs.

Complete Option Program $575

Module 1, Store Data sheet, Daily cash Sheets With General ledger $275.

Module 2, Store Data sheet, Daily cash Sheets With General ledger and Operating statement + Accountability section $375

Module 3, Store Data sheet, Daily cash Sheets With General ledger, Operating statement and Accounts payable / payout ledgers + Accountability section $475

Functionality Modules

General Ledger This sheet is completely automated. It receives data from all of your “Daily Cash Sheets” instantly giving you sales by category, discounts, net sales, tax,…

Accounts Payable The “Accounts Payable” and “Cash Payout” Ledgers track all of your expenditures by category or GLU #s. The form accepts Vendor name, date, invoice #, and…

Payroll The payroll section is designed to have it’s user just enter time from the time card and it will do the rest. The program will automatically track up to 50 employees.…

Budgeting The “Accountability” sheet is fully automated and displays easy to understand charts giving you an instant health report on your operation. It displays, Sales to…

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