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The core of Working Papers’ database system is a highly flexible trial balance with a detailed general ledger system. With point and click reading of native files from most accounting software packages, data can be directly imported into the trial balance. You can also choose to import general ledger data for detailed analysis.

Working Papers’ built-in drag and drop mapping system allows you to assign your clients’ accounts to your firm’s standard map numbers quickly. By assigning these map numbers, all other properties of an account, such as lead sheet, ratio class, tax codes, etc. are automatically completed. As the map numbers are common to all clients and independent of the client’s chart of accounts, firm standardization is facilitated and the speed and accuracy with which you can complete the engagement is significantly increased.

Working Papers can accommodate journal entries of any description, type or grouping. You can even customize an unlimited number of journals, such as cash disbursements, cash receipts, and sales tax calculations on transactions.

Working Papers enables you to perform any period or annual write-up and reporting function for financial data and performance data. Whether you are doing an audit or write-up, you can create hundreds of different reports and working papers, to meet the most intricate client needs.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Trial Balance, Write-Up and More:

"Trial Balance, Write-Up and More" is part of the CaseWare Working Papers line of products, developed by CaseWare International.

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