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CaseWare International’s Template Series — used in conjunction with our Working Papers package — will save you time and money when you prepare your files.

A template is a complete sample client-file with a pre-designed set-up. It gives you everything you need to progress from a chart of accounts through to a finished financial statement. Working Papers does include a sample template that you can adapt to your own specifications. However, the Template Series provides you with a more specialized product.

Each of our carefully designed templates has its own unique format and industry- and task-specific variables. Our Restaurant Template, for example, lets you monitor inventory and sales levels, and includes final financial statements broken down by product category, including food and liquor. Our Manufacturing Industry Template lets you track purchases and expenses easily, with detailed schedules designed for manufacturing clients.

While you’ll probably find that our templates meet all your client-file needs, you still have the option of modifying individual templates as you desire.

To make our templates work for you, simply choose the template that best matches your client’s needs. Then point and click to import your client’s trial balance, and link to your client’s accounts. Our exclusive drag-and-drop mapping feature allows you to use your own chart-of-accounts across all clients. When you assign your client account numbers to the map numbers, your financial statements and notes are ready to go.

Within minutes, you have a file that’s ready for audit, review, or compilation. Your financial statements will require little or no modification. When you use templates, you ensure that you apply consistent engagement standards to all of your clients.

CaseWare International’s Template Series provides you with an additional tool to use in combination with our already-powerful Working Papers software. While we can’t prepare your file for you, we can make it a whole lot easier for you to get the job done efficiently.

Making a Great Tool Even Better

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with CaseWare Template Series:

  • Document Management System
  • General Ledger
  • Trial Balance, Write-Up and More

"CaseWare Template Series" is part of the CaseWare Working Papers line of products, developed by CaseWare International.

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