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CaseWare Working Papers

A multi-module management system designed by CaseWare International for accounting/legal/professional and finance & insurance companies.
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If you’re looking to automate, look no further than CaseWare Working Papers. This highly flexible engagement software provides you with everything you would expect from an audit and trial-balance package — and much, much more. Where other trial-balance software merely assists you in generating account-related working papers, our program provides you with everything you need to automate your entire client-engagement! And it doesn’t stop there.

Working Papers includes a special tool that allows you to generate GAAP financial statements, as well as all the work programs and correspondence you require. And Working Papers features full, real-time integration — so that when you enter a transaction, the figures in all relevant documents, including your GAAP financial statements, update automatically. Working Papers’ document-management system allows you to organize all documents related to the engagement in one controlled area — whether they were created in Working Papers or in other applications, such as Microsoft Word or Excel. No other engagement package on the market puts so many powerful tools to work for you.

CaseWare Template Series

CaseWare International’s Template Series — used in conjunction with our Working Papers package — will save you time and money when you prepare your files.

A template is a complete sample client-file with a pre-designed set-up. It gives you everything you need to progress from a chart of accounts through to a finished financial statement. Working Papers does include a sample template that you can adapt to your own specifications. However, the Template Series provides you with a more specialized product.

Each of our carefully designed templates has its own unique format and industry- and task-specific variables. Our Restaurant Template, for example, lets you monitor inventory and sales levels, and includes final financial statements broken down by product category, including food and liquor. Our Manufacturing Industry Template lets you track purchases and expenses easily, with detailed schedules designed for manufacturing clients.

While you’ll probably find that our templates meet all your client-file needs, you still have the option of modifying individual templates as you desire.

To make our templates work for you, simply choose the template that best matches your client’s needs. Then point and click to import your client’s trial balance, and link to your client’s accounts. Our exclusive drag-and-drop mapping feature allows you to use your own chart-of-accounts across all clients. When you assign your client account numbers to the map numbers, your financial statements and notes are ready to go.

Within minutes, you have a file that’s ready for audit, review, or compilation. Your financial statements will require little or no modification. When you use templates, you ensure that you apply consistent engagement standards to all of your clients.

CaseWare International’s Template Series provides you with an additional tool to use in combination with our already-powerful Working Papers software. While we can’t prepare your file for you, we can make it a whole lot easier for you to get the job done efficiently.

Making a Great Tool Even Better

Document Management System

Using state-of-the-art object component architecture, Working Papers can be easily integrated with other software tools. With its powerful document management system, you can organize all documents related to each engagement in one controlled area – whether documents are created with Working Papers or with other software applications such as CaseWare IDEA, Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF and scanned documents.

General Ledger

Working Papers can accommodate journal entries of any description, type or grouping. You can even customize an unlimited number of journals, such as cash disbursements, cash receipts, and sales tax calculations on transactions.

Trial Balance, Write-Up and More

The core of Working Papers’ database system is a highly flexible trial balance with a detailed general ledger system. With point and click reading of native files from most accounting software packages, data can be directly imported into the trial balance. You can also choose to import general ledger data for detailed analysis.

Working Papers’ built-in drag and drop mapping system allows you to assign your clients’ accounts to your firm’s standard map numbers quickly. By assigning these map numbers, all other properties of an account, such as lead sheet, ratio class, tax codes, etc. are automatically completed. As the map numbers are common to all clients and independent of the client’s chart of accounts, firm standardization is facilitated and the speed and accuracy with which you can complete the engagement is significantly increased.

Working Papers can accommodate journal entries of any description, type or grouping. You can even customize an unlimited number of journals, such as cash disbursements, cash receipts, and sales tax calculations on transactions.

Working Papers enables you to perform any period or annual write-up and reporting function for financial data and performance data. Whether you are doing an audit or write-up, you can create hundreds of different reports and working papers, to meet the most intricate client needs.

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