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CaseWare Today is a series of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange forms and objects that integrates seamlessly with CaseWare Time. You can keep information in just one place and take advantage of the tools available in the CaseWare products and Microsoft Outlook, and if using Exchange, the full collaborative groupware features.

Rather than including many of the advanced features of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange in the CaseWare products, a much better approach is to integrate these products seamlessly. With intelligent integration, the “whole is greater than the sum of the parts” and greater productivity and new opportunities for extra revenue with additional services are better accomplished.

A lot of needless duplication exists when you have to keep client, contact and staff information in several software packages such as accounting, contact management, and email. When a change has to be made to a client address for example, it can be very time consuming to update all relevant software. Mistakes can be easily made and quite often you cannot remember which entry is the most current.

Today synchronizes information with Time. To enable synchronization, new tabs and fields have been added to the Outlook generic contact form in the following areas:

  • Client form - Client information fields such as Client number, Partner, Engagement type and Year End date
  • Contact form – Contact information fields such as Contact number and Type of contact (Lawyer, banker etc.)
  • Staff form – Staff information fields such as Staff number and position

Today allows easy access of information from Working Papers. You can:

  • Track client specific working paper engagement issues that are outstanding using the customized task
  • Set up staff specific tasks and track the activity Using Today within Microsoft Outlook, common information can now be entered and stored in one place and synchronized with Time.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with CaseWare Today:

"CaseWare Today" is part of the CaseWare Time line of products, developed by CaseWare International.

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