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CaseWare IDEA

A multi-module management system designed by CaseWare Analytics.
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IDEA is recognized as the global standard against which other data analysis tools are measured, offering a unique blend of ease of use and powerful functionality. IDEA expands the depth and breadth of your analysis, increases your personal productivity and gives you confidence in your findings. With IDEA, organizations can achieve fast payback, meet professional requirements regarding fraud, risk and internal control, minimize loss and enhance profitability.

IDEA has many unique features and functions not found in other audit software.

  • Creates a record of all changes made to a file (database) and maintains an audit trail or log of all operations, including the import and every audit test, carried out on the database. Each entry is tagged with the user ID from the Windows login.
  • Allows you to import and export data into a multitude of formats, including formats for large mainframe computers and accounting software. Can read and process millions of records in seconds. There is no limit to the number of records that IDEA can process.
  • Compares, joins, appends, and connects different files from different sources.
  • Extracts specific transactions, identifies gaps (for example, in a check number sequence), or duplicates.
  • Profiles data by summarizing, stratifying, or aging the files
  • Creates useful file statistics automatically.
  • Displays the data and your results graphically.
  • Creates samples using several different sampling methods.
  • And much more.

IDEA Server

IDEA Server provides enterprise level data analysis, with the ability to effectively process huge data files, while maintaining the familiar, easy to use IDEA interface. IDEA Server is fully scalable in a fault tolerant and load balanced environment.

IDEA Smart Analyzer

IDEA Smart Analyzer is a collection of basic audit tests and reports that can be run by any auditor with a minimum amount of training.

IDEA Smart Analyzer offers an extensive set of general ledger accounts receivable, inventory, fixed assets and accounts payable audit tests. As a subscriber to IDEA Smart Analyzer, you will automatically receive new tests and new audit areas on a regular basis. You can also submit suggestions for new tests. The CaseWare IDEA development team can also develop customized versions for your firm or department at a reasonable cost.

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