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Caselle Clarity Direct Deposit can handle all your employees’ paycheck demands. Quick and easy, with multiple bank accounts allowed. Make your day a little less hectic.

The Payroll Direct Deposit program automatically deposits the enrolled employee’s net pay to their bank account. It creates an ACH (Automatic Clearing House) file which your bank will use to deposit amounts into the employee’s bank accounts. This file can be transferred to a bank via diskette, modem, or email. The ACH file contains the employee name, number, bank account information (multiple bank accounts are allowed), and the deposit amount.

Software Features

  • Multiple accounts for individual employees.
  • Account type flags for checking and savings.
  • Bank header screen for bank’s requested file layout (easy setup).
  • Prenotification for initial test.
  • Confirmation report for file detail.

Payroll Checks Can Be

  • Run together for direct deposit participants and non-participants.
  • Printed on blank paper if all employees are participants.
  • Run separately.

Pay Deposits By

  • Amount
  • Percentage
  • Combination

Interfaces With

  • Payroll

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Payroll Direct Deposit:

"Payroll Direct Deposit" is part of the Payroll / Human Resources View line of products, developed by Caselle.

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